Thursday, August 12, 2010

Style Expert Challenge Winners: Soyon An

Soyon An, costume designer for So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol, posed a fun style challenge around what your set would look like if you had to capture the dysfunctional relationship between the mad hatter and the evil queen. She loved looking through all of your very unique takes on her question! Here are Soyon's favorites:

I like this one because this person thought outside of the box but kept the concept in mind. I love the theory behind the cards and how there was a combination of illustration and care-sheet and I have to appreciate that her version of the mad hatter was an octopus; a funny scary looking octopus.

My number 2 pick is the multi-colored outfit. Knowing the mad hatter and his crazy fashion sense I would imagine there to be a lot of wild colors and print. I couldn't tell you how dysfunctional their relationship would be but the set looks pretty crazy to me.

I chose this one because we all know that we get influenced by the person that we're with no matter how dysfunctional the relationship is. I thought the layout was beautiful and the outfits chosen for the mad hatter and the queen was a great queen look for them to hide their dysfunctionality.

A big thanks to Soyon for being our style expert this week! Be sure to check out the finale of So You Think You Can Dance tonight to see all her cool costume designs on stage!

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thestrawberryfields said...

I didnt enter i dont think i had the imagination for it lol but thanks to Soyon and a great contest.

7ths said...

sigh... :(
the first set of "more entries" at the bottom of the post is mine..
do check it out :)