Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mini Interview with a Mini Editor: O My Heart

Is your heart skipping a beat at the mere thought of shopping for fall? Check out O My Heart's Mini Editor competing in our $1,000 challenge for bloggers and readers!

How would you describe your blog in one sentence?
My blog is a personal style blog, simply filled with things I love and want to share with others - outfit photos, wishlists, collages, and favorites from around the web!

What was your inspiration behind the items you picked for your dream wardrobe for fall?
I literally spent hours & hours picking out my items, it was so much fun! I found color played a huge role for me in picking my items - I am very drawn to all the rich hues this fall - lots of wine, forest green, deep plum, camel, ivory and rust. I also loved the idea of mixing patterns and textures to create interest and depth, so you'll find lots of studs, sequins, and chunky knits in my collection!

What are your favorite trends for fall?
There are so many amazing trends this fall, I'm really excited to explore it all! Right now I'm really loving the mix of ultra-feminine with edgier pieces - silk floral blouses with leather shorts, or a pretty printed dress with a military jacket!

If you win the $1,000 prize, what will you use it for?
I feel like this will take a lot of thought! The possibilities are endless! Though I do think I would add a couple special pieces to my wardrobe that otherwise wouldn't likely ever fit into my budget - there are definitely a couple pieces from the collection of items I picked for this challenge that I'm majorly swooning over - I'll honestly have to wait and see when & if the time comes! Fingers crossed!

What are you looking for in reader-submitted sets? What should your readers keep in mind to win $1,000 if you are the winner?
I really think the winning set is just going to jump out at me, but I have noticed so far that the way the pieces are layed out plays a large part in how attractive the set is to me! The outfit may be fabulous when you picture it on a person, but I think it needs to be well layed out and visually appealing, so take the time to make the pieces you choose look cohesive! There have been so many amazing sets so far though! I'm loving it! Keep 'em coming!

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