Monday, September 20, 2010

Prep Yourself with Tommy Hilfiger

Tradition with a Twist
Meet the Hilfigers, an ever-growing family of eccentrics whose season is going to be one long tailgate party. This fall, the family sets the new standard for prep style--but that's prep with a twist! Tweeds and corduroy, headscarves and high-heeled duck boots, a true trench and a bold blazer, crewnecks and down vests, aviators and repp ties. The more you mix it the better! Just like the Hilfiger gang.

Prep Yourself with Tommy Hilfiger
Create a collage of your own unique twist on the ultimate prep style—incorporating at least two of the items from the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2010 collection. If you’re chosen, you’re the star! How prep cool is that?!

One winner will be chosen by Tommy Hilfiger himself! The winning look will receive a $500 gift card PLUS a big feature on Tommy’s Facebook page. Enter now!


shi zhan said...

レイバン ウェイファーラーに最も相応しいファッションは、レトロなイギリス風だと思う。とは言え、万能アイテムのRay Ban サングラス、どんな場面に掛けでも違和感ナシ。と後、レイバン アビエイターもかなりカッコよく、選ぶのに大変そう。

Ronald Wood said...

My girlfriend and I really loves the design of all the clothes coming from Tommy Hilfiger. Most of our clothes in our closet comes from the clothing line.

Ralph Fernandez said...

I do hope that Tommy Hilfiger do have a collection of prep clothes for babies. I just love the way babies look like in wearing fashion clothes.