Monday, September 20, 2010

Style Expert Challenge: Selena Gomez Winners

We had a blast having Selena Gomez as our Featured Style Expert! With the upcoming release of her second album A Year Without Rain (out tomorrow, September 21!) Selena was really excited to see how her new music video inspires you guys to fuse fashion and music together. After looking at the 2,100 entries to her style challenge, we're thrilled to have Selena announce her favorites!

Hey guys, I want to thank every single person who submitted their looks! It was SO hard to pick just 3 so I picked 4! It really makes me happy to see that you all have a passion for style and fashion! And thank you for letting me be myself through my clothes. So the 4 I picked were by:

Because of her UNIQUE take on western with glam! I loved the boots that you paired with the dress. The belt and necklaces were such a great little addition! NICE!!

I love the dress! I feel like that's something you can dress up or down, and in your case you dressed it up! The striped shirt was perfect with the baby blue and the boots rock it up! I want to wear that!!

First I would like to say I so would have worn that in the video for "A Year Without Rain" haha. This is very boho chic! The colors are very matte but at the same time you added some killer shoes and belt! Great job!!

I LOVE the dress and jacket combo! The dress is such a statement so I'm glad you chose a black jacket that still had attitude to match the dress! The clutch is also a nice touch. I would so wear this on a night out with the girls :) Amazing!!

Thank you sooooooo much again for letting me be apart of this! I love you guys soooo much!!


Congratulations to these four lucky winners who will each be receiving an autographed copy of Selena's new CD, A Year Without Rain! And a huge thanks to Selena for being our Featured Style Expert and an inspiration to all of us!

Check out more entries to Selena's style challenge here:


Begonvilli Ev said...

super sets!

Gwyneth said...

Wow! Great post. I love the fashion & style. Thanks for sharing. I'll be waiting for your next post.