Monday, October 25, 2010

L’Oréal Paris Backstage Beauty Secrets Contest Winners

Wow, we were blown away by the 4,176 spotlight-ready sets you guys created for the L’Oréal Paris Backstage Beauty Secrets contest. The L’Oréal team loved all of your beauty secrets and chose the following sets as winners. Congratulations to f21obsessed who won a $1500 shopping spree, Bethisue who won a $500 shopping spree and the 8 finalists who will each receive 5 L’Oréal Shadow Duos!

Grand Prize Winner:

1st Prize:


Check out more contest entries here:


MarieL said...

No hate but torilink won 3 contest in a row, her sets are beautiful I agree but isn't it too much?

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's painthead :) congrats to all the lovely winners
Hope they all enjoy it. And as for the comment about Torilink winning three contest , part of entering a contest
Is knowing you will either place or not, some contest winners are picked by the company. Companies have no history of who places and how often. I think Torilink sets are awesome and she deserves every win.

Anyhow congrats again to everyone :)