Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Enhancements and Features

In addition to the recent enhancements to My Home, we've added some more new features to help you stay connected and inspired by style and your fellow Polyvorians!

Contests. Many of you wrote us because you missed being able to see all the open contests in your groups. So, we've added two tabs on the contest browse page: Contests from Polyvore and Contests from My Groups. Now you can see all contests in one place.

Style Advice from My Contacts. In addition to featuring questions asked by your contacts on My Home, you can also see the answers your contacts give.

Group Announcements in Recent Activity. Something cool going on in the groups you're a member of? Group announcements now show up in your activity stream so you don't miss out.

Art & Expression and Interior Design. There's no end to the creativity on Polyvore, and in addition to fashion sets, we love discovering all the art and interior designs sets that you make! But we noticed that sometimes sets that showed up on the Explore page under Art & Expression and Interior Design had nothing to do with those categories. We've fixed ranking so that you can discover relevant sets.

Last, but certainly not least...

Save to My Items from Collections. You asked, we listened! Due to popular demand, you can now save items directly from a collection by clicking on the 'Save to my items' link. Happy saving!

As always, if you have feedback or suggestions, please let us know by leaving a comment here on the blog.

The Polyvore Team


Sierra Chenee said...

I love all the new changes except for posting group announcements on the homepage. Before you said you wanted it to look streamlined but now it looks messy. You're contradicting yourself Polyvore. If I wanted to read the announcement, I would click on the link.

Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT great job poly-people.

POSH Powell said...

I absolutely HATE that the timeline changes on the homepage. The blurbs from the groups and style questions and answers are really irritating. I just want to be able to see who faved my sets, comments, and contest wins. Please consider making the blurb optional. I think we should get to choose such a change; those who like it can keep it and those who don't can opt out.

Anonymous said...

Will you all be creating an iPhone app for polyvore?

Jen said...

Thanks for the changes, especially in the ranking of how art and interior sets appear on the Explore page. It was looking really juvenile with the unrelated sets always showing up. Also, thank you for giving us a place to see all of our groups' contests in one place. However, the Idea tab was still much simpler and easier. The way it is now, I have to navigate away from the Editor to see the list, and it's a few more clicks. It's just not as convenient as it was.

Anonymous said...

SylviaAst said -------

Thank you for listening Polyvore!!!!

1. I didn't see this announcement posted in a stream across the home page yesterday. And I notice you have received less than 10 feedback responses. Why not post it like you have the others in the past?

2. I'm not so crazy about all the announcements text appearing in our Activity Stream. Like another user said---If I want to read the announcement I will click on it. Unfortunately, some groups publish 10-15 announcements saying Enter Enter Enter in 2 days time. I appreciated not being bombarded when the text didn't appear.

Maybe Polyvore could limit the number of announcements a group can make per day to 3. Three would allow a group to make a "this contest is over in a few hours" announcement, a "here are the winners" announcement and a "new contest is up and running announcement." Surely there is no need for more than 3 per day.

3. Thank you for working to improve the Art & Expression section under Explore. It still has some bugs though. For instance right now (midnight EST USA) only 4 pages of whats currently popular are showing and more than 75% of the entries are teen related with votes/likes of less than 10 each. Just from my contacts I know there are dozens of beautiful art creations out there in the last few days with 50 or more votes! Sadly, they are not showing up in the Art section.

4. I am still hoping that you will bring back the feature to sort our sets by popularity as well as by date.

5. While the Contest tab as mentioned by another user above is not as efficient as the Ideas tab was in the Create Editor, It is wonderful to be able to fairly easily see what contests are open in our groups!

6. All the other changes are super!

Polyvore is a fabulous site, quite unique and so many of us are truly addicted. So again, many thanks for listening!!!

Anonymous said...

Help! The editor doesn't work anymore. Nothing shows up when I hit create, just a blank editor space. No item tabs, no tabs or items at all. I'm going into withdrawal!

leather skirts said...

I think we should get to choose such a change; those who like it can keep it and those who don't can opt out.Unfortunately, some groups publish 10-15 announcements saying Enter Enter Enter in 2 days time. I appreciated not being bombarded when the text didn't appear.

Alexandra said...


I was one of the persons who wrote to ask for the Idea tab back. Now I want to thank you for the new Contest selection, which allows us to see the contests from Polyvore and those from our groups, both Open and Completed. I think it's great. And all the rest of the changes are nice, so thank you for your ingeniosity and for responding to users' requests.
Kind regards.