Friday, October 8, 2010

Piperlime Be The Next Big Stylist Winner: Sarah Brody

Six months ago, we partnered with Piperlime for a very exciting contest that would result in the opportunity of a lifetime for one very lucky winner! The challenge was to create three looks around the following scenarios: a 10-year high school reunion, a high-powered exec and your best friend's wedding and enter them into our Be The Next Big Stylist contest. From 50 finalists, Piperlime and Rachel Zoe chose one person to win a stylist position with Piperlime...

We're excited to introduce you to contest winner Sarah Brody (aka ShortHillsStyle on Polyvore)! Here are her winning sets:

We also caught up with Sarah to ask her about fashion, her new stint with Piperlime, and of course Polyvore!

Tell us about yourself.

Besotted with fashion, style, and culture throughout my adolescence, I literally came out of the womb enveloped in a fashion world. Sporting cute headbands throughout my tot years, my love for accessories grew as I did. By my teens I was thumbing through the pages of Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, and ELLE among others creating inspiration boards for my daily outfits. I’ve held countless internships at top NY public relation firms, contemporary design houses, and most recently in the accessories editorial department at Vogue. Now I’m working as a stylist for Piperlime.

How would you describe your sense of style/fashion?

Fashions for me just clicks. Although I like to incorporate current trends in my looks, I think that style is timeless and very few pull it off effortlessly. I draw a great deal of my inspiration from prominent fashion figures, past and present, including Bianca Jagger, Francis Hardy, Tina Chow, and Rachel Zoe (of course). Constantly enamored with 70’s inspired prints, kaftans, faux fur, and wide leg denim, I often believe I was born in the wrong decade. I think that every day is an excuse to dress up, and that if women start skipping the sweatpants and sneakers, they all would feel a lot better too.

How did you discover Polyvore?

I discovered Polyvore through my short blogging stint and while looking at other blogs. I was reconnected with it through the Piperlime contest.

How did it feel to win the Polyvore/Piperlime challenge?

Winning the challenge was an amazing and very rewarding experience. My dad’s girlfriend actually forwarded me the link, and I instantly thought that if there was one thing I was going to win, that, not to sound cliché, had my name written all over it, this was it.

Was it surreal to watch the Rachel Zoe Project episode on TV?

Watching the episode on TV was mind-boggling. When I came on, I think my friends screamed louder than I did and my phone started buzzing and didn’t stop all night. The positive feedback from my friends, family, and others I don’t even know—all who had no idea I won—was overwhelming.

Are you enjoying your stint at Piperlime?

I love Piperlime, point blank. Not only am I obsessed with the fashions they provide, but their PR and marketing team who I have worked most closely with are amazing. Styling customers, answering questions, and writing for the blog are all things that come naturally to me and I am thrilled I am able to apply my skills with Piperlime.

In your opinion, what makes a great stylist?

A great stylist incorporates trends, but does not rely solely upon them. She also styles for the client and I think that is extremely important. People exist in all shapes and sizes and something that works for one person does not necessarily translate the same way for the next. A great stylist understands that fashion is always changing, but classic pieces are timeless.

What's one thing you wish people would wear more of?

I wish people would wear more figure-flattering clothing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a woman in a baggy tee shirt and jeans and wish she would find something that cinched at the waist or elongated her silhouette. Fashions that are tailored for one’s body type are key. If a piece is fabulous on the hanger, but doesn’t fit, the look won’t translate.

What are the top trends to watch?

Top trends to watch for this fall are utilitarian, country weekend, rocker chic, velvet, and vintage.

What's the must have piece this fall?

This is a difficult one, my must have piece for fall would be sky-high thigh high boots in a dark suede. They immediately elongate the body and work perfectly with everyone’s favorite skinny denim or tights and a mini dress.

Congrats, Sarah. We wish you the best!

Check out more entries to the Be The Next Big Stylist contest here:


❤✿PaintHead™ said...

YAY...congrats, what a great win. Wish you all the best and for many doors to open after this, oxoxoox Big Congrats...I will find the show online, i don't have cable,I'm still in the mid-evil times, lol

Anonymous said...

Working in NY for top PR firms and also for Vogue,then wins the Piperlime contest and has only ever created 3 sets for Polyvore?.
I think its such a shame someone didnt win who has never gotten these opportunities but has worked hard for them and has the creativity as well but just doesnt have the contacts this girl clearly has.
Congrats on the win but it didnt seem really fair in the long run.
Why someone who works for Vogue felt the need to enter this contest i dont really know,i feel the opportunity should have been given to someone else.

Sarah said...

Painthead thanks for the kind note! I really appreciate it!

To anonymous- I was an unpaid intern at all of these places, not a paid employee. I am a student, still in college, and have worked my way to get these internships, by simply sending out my resume and a cover letter like everyone else. I am sorry you feel it is unfair, but I have worked extremely hard to get where I am today. I have gotten these opportunities on my own, with zero contacts in the industry, just an fyi. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah :) Just watched the Rachel Zoe Project episode you were on and wanted to congratulate you. Also, I was wondering if you had a blog?

ninja said...