Monday, November 8, 2010

Style Expert Challenge: Janie Bryant Winners

All 1309 entries in Janie Bryant's Style Expert Challenge were breathtaking. With so much style and grace, each of them truly captured the essence of the 1960s. Below are Janie's favorite sets, and each winner will be receiving an autographed copy of her new book The Fashion File. Congratulations!


Love the combination of using cars, make-up, and accessories! The board gives not only a great fashion sense but a great life-style feel, as well. And of course two of my favorite pictures of Joan!


I love this one for it's graphic sensibility. I also love the excellent pairing of vintage and modern pieces. Well done!


The color combination is beautiful. I love all the beige and camel tones combined. My Janie Bryant MOD bag goes so perfectly on the page. Also the model is wearing one of my all time favorite hats. I can't resist!!!!

You can see more entries here:

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TheStrawberryFields said...

That first dress is stunning and just right for the 1950s look.I know nothing about Mad Men but if the brief was to do 1950s looks then these winners did well.