Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Style Analytics Tool

Every day the Polyvore community engages with millions of products from across the web, creating over 1 million sets per month - that's one set every 3 seconds. This data provides a unique lens into what tastemakers from around the world think of various products, brands and trends.

Today we're pleased to announce that we'll be making some of this data available to the world through our new Style Analytics tool. Style Analytics is an experimental tool that uses Polyvore data to provide insights into how customers perceive brands. Our goal is to help brands both large & small get a better understanding of how people view their brand. We hope this data can be used to help make decisions about design, merchandising, and marketing.

For example, here's what we know about Proenza Schouler based on Polyvore data:
  • Proenza is currently the 4th most popular brand on Polyvore. Ranks are a measure of how popular a brand's products are within the Polyvore community.
  • Polyvore members interact with Proenza products to the tune of 8,465 engagements each day -- that's over half a million product clips, saves, sets, likes, and more, every month! To give you a sense of scale, according to Scout Labs, Proenza is mentioned around 2000 times per month on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.
  • Proenza's top trending products right now are the brown & black version of the PS1 and the small suede satchel PS1.
  • People who like Proenza also like Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone and Elizabeth & James.

We also provide a zeitgeist that shows top brands and movers & shakers.

Style Analytics is currently in beta. We'll be adding new data types and information over the next few months. We'd also love to hear your feedback on how we can improve our tools, so leave us a comment here on the blog.

Interested in getting access to more detailed analytics? Please contact us.


Ilana said...


Justyna said...

This is great information and a tracking tool for brands. How can a brand increase their popularity on Polyvore? Are you going to introduce some tips and tricks?

mz. w. whimsy said...

analytics In Style !!
love seeing in blogger, panoramio, ...
very cool
{... living, in a [statistical] world .... }

pearlbuzz said...

That's a great tool! It would be great if it could also work for smaller labels (there are some many great ones, but their market research budgets don't even compare with the big names), or with keywords/tags that people give to their sets and uploaded products. Good work, Polyvore! And... Merry Christmas :)

*chameleon* said...

this is excellent idea my dearest Polyvore!day by day u're improving...;)

Sandra's Closet said...

Absolutely amazing!!!! Thanks!!!

Emily Bounds said...

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Osvaldo Spadano said...

Analytics on Polyvore has not been working in the last few weeks. I get the message "We cannot complete your request at this time. Please try again later."