Friday, February 26, 2010

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

Another Friday, another fabulous blog roundup! Here's a look at the most recent blog posts we came across featuring Polyvore sets:

is always one step ahead...

How would you make the most of the clothes in your closet?

It's all about layers for Jessica Alba. Here's how to get the look.

So what if it's stormy outside? Mind over matter for this $150 challenge.

What were your favorite looks from NY Fashion week?

Who will be Alexander McQueen's successor?

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beauty 911 Contest Winners

We asked you to share your skincare secrets with us for our Beauty 911 contest. Our 3 lucky winners created fabulous looks to compliment their favorite skincare products and regimen. Congratulations to Andreea7, remanika and .Jay. ♥!


"I exfoliate my face once every 2 or 3 days. Sometimes I also moisturize, but when do, I only use a very light cream, as my skin is naturally oily. I don't use any kind of make up, thus it's easy to take care of my face without spending much time in front of the mirror."


"My beauty regime aims at glowing flawless skin and minimal make-up. A face wash for squeaky clean skin, a cream for freshness and softness and while going out, just a lip gloss for the perfect smile, because you're beautiful when you're happy. The outfit is soft, feminine, fuss-free and beautiful, going perfectly with the look I aim to achieve."


"This Juice Beauty Blemish Be Gone roller is ahh-mazing! I always have to carry it in my purse. Every morning before I do my makeup & all that jazz, I treat any blemishes that I have and then apply my moisturizer and make-up. Great product :D"

Check out more Beauty 911 entries here:

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Want To Play Stylist?

Piperlime invites YOU to play stylist with one of the top trends for Spring: a modern twist on vintage. Add a splash of color and texture to your wardrobe by pairing your skinny denim with prints and ruffles. Show us how you style it by creating a set out of Piperlime's most covetable pieces!

Winners will receive some pretty cool shopping sprees on Piperlime:

One Grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 Piperlime giftcard
Two, 2nd place winners will receive a $500 Piperlime giftcard each
Three, 3rd place winners will receive a $250 Piperlime giftcard each

Enter the Want To Play Stylist contest now!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interview with love n fashion

Minimalist and chic are two words to describe the Polyvore sets love n fashion puts together. Her passion for fashion and photography emanates from her collages and we just can't stop admiring her style! We caught up with this New York transplant to learn more about what inspires her.

Here are some of her sets:

Tell us about yourself.

Hi everyone! This is love n fashion, or LnF to many of you. At 26, I’m just a girl trying to enjoy life, work, and quality time with friends and family in the fabulous city of New York. I’m originally from a small town in the Southern region of the US, so adjusting to life (and long winters) in the Big Apple has been quite interesting and at times overwhelming for me, however, I always try taking everything with a little laugh as I am truly blessed to be here. I currently work in fashion, but I actually studied business and economics in college and worked in finance for a few years before realizing I needed a career change. Since my I transition into the fashion industry (just in time before the world of finance came to a halt), I have been happily working for an international fashion brand. During this time, I have met so many incredibly talented colleagues and learned a lot about how much hard work that makes the fashion world go around. I think it needs to be said that fashion is not all just glitz and glamour as many people would think; it’s built upon an incredible amount of hard work and dedication.

How would you describe your sense of style/fashion?

My style is actually quite “understated.” I like to mix classic pieces with a little bit of an unexpected twist. My friends always say my closet is just a spectrum of black, white, and grey, which I like to call my “style foundation”, allowing me be to build upon it a fabulous wardrobe. To make things interesting, I also own a variety of vintage bags, statement jewelries, and a collection of men’s watches (many of which were given to me by my dad). Generally, I always stick to my overall philosophy of dressing effortlessly and steering clear from the temptation to chase the latest trends. Lately I have been doing a lot of mixing of feminine items with masculine accent pieces. Today, for instance, I wore a chic grey shift dress with a pair of high-heeled ankle boot and a structured motorcycle leather jacket (with a sick men’s watch, of course!)

What's hot in your 'hood right now?

A Black, Black, Black, fashion week just ended in New York, and our office is actually 2 blocks away from Bryant Park which allows me to peek around during my lunch hour to see what everyone is wearing. Overall, I think fashion has taken a change in the recession these past two years and people have gone back to more basic sense of dressing. Since it’s also quite cold right now, I’ve also seen a lot of clever techniques of layering and a plethora snoods, but mostly, people are sticking to classic items…..and dressing in black.

What's one thing you wish people would wear more of?

Honestly, I like to see not more of something, but rather less of something. It has actually been quite cold in the city lately, and I’ve seen so many fur coats, fur wraps, and fur vests on the streets and in the tents. I’m a firm believer in animal rights, so personally I wish people would wear less fur. That’s just my humble opinion.

How did you discover Polyvore?

I was shopping for a specific pair of Michael Kors ballet flats online and accidentally (and happily) discovered Polyvore about a year ago. Ever since that fateful day, I have been seriously, seriously addicted (did I mention seriously?). Ha!

Tell us a little about what you use Polyvore for and why. What do you like about Polyvore?

I use Polyvore to express my sense of fashion and style which sometimes can often be a bit restricted (financially) in real life. It basically allows me to build my dream closet…virtually. I also use Polyvore to see everyone else’s fashion sense, particularly those users outside of the US. In just a short year, it has truly been eye-opening for me. AND of course, I just adore all the people on Polyvore, I mean, the unbelievable amount of support and friendship that has been shown on this website is truly irreplaceable.

If you could share one tip or trick with a new Polyvore member, what would it be?

Be open-minded and express yourself for who you are. There are so many fabulous and talented people on this site that I’m always amazed by each and every one of their sense or artistry and fashion. Being expressive is the key to creating amazing sets and everything else will just fall into place. That’s when the addiction begins.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer or style icon who has influenced you?

I think it’s hard to name one particular designer, as my style has been evolving as my life progresses. That is also the charm of fashion, designers come and go, trends come and go, but style will always remain (as Coco Chanel would say). However, I am completely obsessed with the blogs of the Sartorialist, Garance Dore, and Jak and Jil. Reading their blogs really make me feel that I’m at the very front end of the fashion world.

What online stores do you like to clip from?

I love The Selby for lifestyle clippings and Net-a-Porter for fashion clippings.

What are your 3 favorite sets of the ones you've made?

What's your favorite set created by another Polyvore member?

That’s a tough one! But it has got to go to the fabulous BM&R: Mirela.

We interviewed Neonutt last and she wanted us to ask you how long it takes you to find items and create a set?

I usually find items as I go (either when I’m browsing or just shopping) and then use them at another time to create a set. My average timing is about 30-45 minutes in terms of putting a set together which once in a while may vary depending on my creativity at that particular moment. I also don’t save drafts, otherwise I’ll never finish them.

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

I think it would be great to have a “top 25 contacts” list. I’ve made so many amazing friends on Polyvore and have had such a wonderful time viewing everyone’s sets that I can’t seem to keep track. I think it would be nice to be able to have a list where I can organize my contacts and maybe group my them into categories so I can find them more efficiently. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

So Happy to be Here! (from Polyvore's New CEO :)

Hey everyone – just wanted to give you a quick hello as I officially join the Polyvore team as CEO, and thank you all for your amazing creations and contributions to the site. I fall in love with it a little more each day, as I find the looks to inspire me, make me drool, and make me want to shop.

I discovered Polyvore a little over 2 years ago – first over coffee with the founders who impressed me with their drive and passion, and then again as an obsessed consumer when I started shopping for my new home and saving things to the site. What started as a tool then became a wishlist, then became a fashion fix (thanks bona dea, wasting love and RluvsG among many many others!), and today it’s all these things and more to me.

I love that for each of us, Polyvore represents a place that can help both express our individual passions while discovering and sharing new ones together. At the meeting place of style, community and commerce we have an extraordinary opportunity to bring inspiration, aspiration and fun back into shopping online. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on the site, what you’d love to see more of, and most of all sharing this amazing journey with you!

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

From the Runway: Hot Trends for Fall 2010

Remember when you made your 2010 trend predictions? Well, now that New York's Fashion Week has concluded, let's see how your predictions matched up with the runway trends for the fall 2010 season! Here are some common trends we saw on the runway illustrated by your sets:

Seen on the runways of Donna Karan, Alexander Wang and Cynthia Steffe, socks are making their way into your wardrobe as a fall staple.

Ralph Lauren and Thakoon were some of the designers to include the plush richness of velvet in their collection. Get ready for velvet pants, jackets and vests.

It looks like this spring trend will be sticking it out through the fall. Christian Siriano and Mackage's collections included ruffled shirts and dresses.

Mixed Prints
Mix and match your florals, plaids, stripes and other fun prints this fall. Diane von Furstenburg, Carolina Herrera and Custo Barcelona are huge supporters of this trend.

The rough and tough but chic appeal of leather will return in a major way this fall as seen on Isaac Mizrahi's runway. Leather bombers, corsets, and dresses will bring out the rebel in you, once again.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

Inspiration is everywhere! Here's a look at some of the blog posts that have inspired us this week...

Gwenyth Paltrow's rockin' the knot skirt. Here's how to get her look!

Here's to everyday vintage fashion inspiration!

This week's $150 Challenge on Fashion Me Fabulous is in honor of Alexander McQueen.

Every girl's excuse to wear pink and sequins...Valentine's Day.

Rocker chic
lives on! Even in the spring...

Germany's got game. Street style game.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dress-A-Friend Fridays: Week 5 Winner

ɑhdorɑbℓe created this Dress-A-Friend Fridays outfit for her friend who refuses to wear anything that isn't jeans and a t-shirt. She would love nothing more than to see her in a nice cream colored dress with matching ruffle heels. So she put this outfit together full of class and style, which she says her friend's current wardrobe of jeans and tees are lacking! So what did her friend have to say about it? She absolutely adored it.

If you've got a friend you'd love to dress up, make sure you enter the Dress-A-Friend Fridays contest tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Group Spotlight: Paper Dolls

Remember when you used to play paper dolls when you were a kid? Cutting out images from magazines with scissors and attaching the pieces together with tape and glue...well lucky for you, Polyvore lets you do it without the mess. It's so nostalgic to see that paper doll-style collages still exist, so we were pretty excited to come across the Paper Dolls group! Moderated by kikihiller, the group showcases these really unique stick-figuresque sets:

If you love creating paper doll-style sets, this is the group to join! And it looks like they'll be launching some cool contests soon, too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Give Us Your Runway Recap!

It's Day 6 of Fashion Week in New York! What's been your favorite runway collection so far?

Vera Wang, Diesel Black Gold, Narcisco Rodriguez and Thuy are some of the designers taking the stage today. After you check out their Fall 2010 looks, give us your very own ready-to-wear recap here!

8 sets will be featured on the homepage tomorrow for all to see.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Packing Your Bags for NY Fashion Week Winners

Jeralyn Gerber from Daily Candy posed the question: You're packing your bags for NY Fashion Week. What's in them? She picked her 10 favorite sets to be spotlighted on DailyCandy's Fashion Week Dossier and in the New York edition of DailyCandy!

Congratulation to the 10 lucky winners, your sets are awesome!











Check out all the inspirational Fashion Week outfits created for this challenge here:

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

A week that was meant to revel in the upcoming designs from fashion's brightest designers was rocked by the shocking news of Alexander (Lee) McQueen's death. An outpour of tribute sets to McQueen appeared on Polyvore and blogs everywhere. Our recap of posts featuring Polyvore sets is bittersweet this week as we begin with blogger tributes to the late McQueen:

Get Leighton Meester's look on a pretty decent budget.

Rockabilly, baby. A $150 challenge is inspired by the movie Six String Samurai.

Golestaneh's combines stripes and brogues this week for the perfect day look.

Who else likes to play paperdolls?

Waking up to sunshine...

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