Friday, April 30, 2010

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

Happy Friday everyone! This week's blog roundup closes out April with a bunch of menswear-inspired pieces, as well as some actual menswear (you didn't think we'd let you fly under the radar, did you Pour Homme?) So get your style fix by checking out these awesome blog posts featuring Polyvore sets:

Time is precious, and darling, so is that statement watch.

Easy ways to get Agyness Deyn's look without the celebrity paycheck.

April showers bring rain boot power!

Boys play on Polyvore, too.

You may not be the one on stage, but you still gotta look good!

Get Alexa Chung's look.

alexa by nookie featuring Old Navy

Ah, yes. The simple things in life.

If you have a blog and would like to be featured here, let us know!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello Summer Chic with Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor's Summer 2010 collection is all about mixing modern lace details, timeless black and white style, and over-the-top jewelry. Little details, vibrant colors, and alluring prints turn the everyday into exotic. Mix and match the collection for a look that's utterly chic and effortlessly cool.

Show us your style for the season...and you could be featured on Ann Taylor's Facebook page!

Five lucky winners will be chosen by Ann Taylor's Style Director, Kristin Rawson to receive a $200 gift card and be featured on Facebook. Enter the contest now through Monday, May 3.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interview with a violent delight

There's nothing static about a violent delight. Just by glancing at her sets, you can see that her layouts are constantly evolving and her style is oh-so-versatile. Our interview with a violent delight comes to you from India, and it's always fascinating to hear global perspectives on fashion, trends, and of course, Polyvore! Peek into her world...

Here are some of her sets:

Tell us about yourself.

Hey everyone! I'm in the last year of my school and I'll be off to college next year. I live in Kolkata, India, one of the most vibrant and bustling cities on the planet! Although studying is what I should be doing, I often put it off with reading, writing and sketching. One day I hope to become a writer of some sort. Maybe even a fashion journalist.

How would you describe your sense of style/fashion?

I think my fashion sense is very crazy! LOL. I'm a very moody dresser and my clothes on any given day clearly reflect how I'm feeling. I prefer classic, forever-in-style pieces such as an LBD, vintage pearl jewelry, etc. to trendy, 'in' stuff. I usually jazz up such pieces with some interesting accessories like a chunky necklace, bold shoes, or a scarf. I actually dislike copying every trend that is sent down the runway. But I do like integrating new ideas, as long as they look good on me.

What's hot in your 'hood right now?

Here in India, women mix up ethnic wear with western articles. For example, a batik printed tunic with jeans. Right now I'm seeing a lot of people wear lovely maxi dresses with strappy flat sandals for a chic, boho look to beat the murderous heat.

What's one thing you wish people would wear more of?

I wish people paid a little more attention to their casual dressing. It's nice to try something other than just the old pair of skinny jeans. They could try a tank top tucked into shorts or pretty floral skirts. And Gowns. Glamorous, beautiful gowns. I see many people trading off black tie evening dresses for more casual cocktail ones. But gowns are so much more elegant.

How did you discover Polyvore?

From a fashion blog I follow religiously called We were given a task to design a look around a coat or a blazer I think and thus I created my first set!

Tell us a little about what you use Polyvore for and why. What do you like about Polyvore?

I use Polyvore to vent my creative urges! It's a portal through which a vast array of things are available to me. It's some kind of wonderland! Sometimes I design looks which I would wear, and other times for celebrities. But what I really love about this site is that not only do we get to create beautiful things but we also get to meet like-minded fashionistas all over the world! Not only do you get constantly inspired but you make so many lovely and generous friends!

If you could share one tip or trick with a new Polyvore member, what would it be?

Make sets, check out other people's work and have fun! Don't worry about the number of favorites you get. They will come naturally when you let your inner Coco Chanel guide you!

Do you have a favorite fashion designer or style icon who has influenced you?

Currently I am quite obsessed with Lanvin. I was going through one of their collections and wondering why more celebrities don't wear them on the red carpet. The designs are ethereal, delicate and absolutely beautiful! Cate Blanchett is a rare sight but whenever she does appear, she looks absolutely amazing! And finally, I love Blair Waldorf's style. She's fictional, I know, but so very classy!

What online stores do you like to clip from?

I usually clip from wherever I can! I Google what I'm looking for and take it from the results. But I do clip a lot from Net-A-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, and

What are your 3 favorite sets of the ones you've made?

This one has such beautiful items in it.

Any set with Jude Law is definitely worth a mention!

This was one of my first sets and it shows, but I love the feeling it gives off.

What's your favorite set created by another Polyvore member?

This is very hard to pick since there are so many splendid sets here but I choose this one by jasmine.nicole.ortiz. I just LOVE the vibrant colors, the dress and the shoes. Absolutely perfect!

We interviewed HEY MOON™ last and she'd like to know how you came up with your Polyvore user name?

"A violent delight" is from the quote "These violent delights have violent ends..." from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I think it captures my impulsive nature well!

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

None, really! With the new cropping tool and new fonts I have nothing but appreciation! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Make Sparks Fly with Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove has made a name for herself as the star of Nickelodeon's hit show, iCarly. Now this upbeat, sweet-spirited 16-year-old actress is ready to take on a new challenge and follow her first love: music. Miranda's high-energy debut album “Sparks Fly” is in stores now and she wants to know how you make sparks fly:

Create an outfit that draws inspiration from Miranda’s unique sense of style and carefree attitude. Check out Miranda’s music video, Kissin U’, to help further your inspiration.

10 lucky winners will be handpicked by Miranda Cosgrove herself to receive an autographed copy of her debut album, "Sparks Fly!" And, she'll tweet the 1st place set out to all of her fans!

For full contest details and to enter, visit the Make Sparks Fly with Miranda Cosgrove contest page!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Secret Soiree Contest Winners

Who stood out from the crowd in our Secret Soiree contest? idha@augustus♥contest, Lauren.y.b♥ and siriuslysarah sure did with their Mischief Cherry, Va-Va-Vanilla and Pretty 'N Peach Secret scents. Congrats ladies, your gift cards are on their way!




Check out more Secret Soiree entries here:

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Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

Happy Friday! Here's our latest roundup of blog posts we came across that feature Polyvore sets. This one's dedicated to all the fabulous fashion bloggers we met at the Shop Social event earlier this week!

A collection suitable for vegetarians. You know, in case you were wondering.

Rope this trend around ya...

Get Vanessa Hudgens' look for a casual day of shopping.

vanessa by nookie featuring MIA shoes

A different kind of nude.

Get printed up for less than $150!

Pull out that sparkle you've been hiding in your closet.

Androgyny styled to perfection.

If you have a blog and would like to be featured here, drop us a line!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go Eco-Chic Contest Winners

Happy Earth Day! As you pause and think about the impact your daily activities have on our planet, remember that what you wear can play a part in helping out the environment, too! So in honor of this green day, here are the winners of our Go Eco-Chic contest. Each outfit was styled with at least 2 items from eco-friendly retailers:




Check out more eco-chic outfits:

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Style on the Run Contest Winners

Congratulations to redvelvetcrazy, Xo Jazzy &hearts and Լℴ®ℇℕ.and family. for showing us their winning off-the-hook Nike looks in our Style on the Run contest! These three lovely ladies will be receiving gift cards to spend on!




Here are more Nike contest entries:

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Piperlime's Be The Next Big Stylist Top 50 Finalists

We know you've all been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Top 50 finalists for Piperlime's Be The Next Big Stylist contest! Well, the wait is finally over. We're thrilled to announce the Top 50 finalists who will have a shot at receiving a stylist contract with Piperlime! Also, a big thank you to everyone who entered the contest, the thought and creativity that went into each scenario you created was truly amazing!

Scroll through this collection to meet all the finalists:

Piperlime's Be The Next Big Stylist Top 50 Finalists

Congrats to all of you, and good luck!

Polyvore at Shop Social

Last night, the fashion and tech world collided at the Shop Social event in San Francisco hosted by Chictopia and DNA (Designers + Artists), and we were thrilled to be there! The evening presented an opportunity for us Polyvore gals to mingle with fashion enthusiasts, independent designers, bloggers and also meet local Polyvore fans! It was awesome putting a face to many Polyvore profile names! Here are some shots from the event:

And for all you Project Runway fans, guess who we ran into at Shop Social? Jay Sario from this season's show!

From left to right: Jess (Polyvore), Jay Sario, Helen (Chictopia)

Jess, our VP of Product, was so inspired that she created an outfit on the spot based off of Jay's outfit as he watched! (What do you think? Pretty darn good, 'eh?)

We shared our passion for fashion, gave away fun Polyvore buttons and also raffled off cool gift baskets filled with Polyvore schwag and goodies from Benefit Cosmetics, Moxsie and Sephora. Congrats to all the lucky winners!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wardrobe Reinvention

Channel your inner fashionista, because we're about to put your creative eye to work!

If you're style-savvy and a practical shopper, you know that it's all about quality over quantity. Imagine your entire wardrobe consisted of only 30 items. With outfits for both work and play in mind, how many different combinations could you style?

Create an outfit you would wear using only the items we've selected in this Wardrobe Reinvention challenge. You can style as many outfit combinations as you'd like, but each set should feature only one outfit in it. Enter your sets here!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

If fashion is all about expressing your free spirit, then this week's blog roundup is definitely on point. From floral print pants to vibrant yellow heels, it's all about mixing and matching any style you like! Here are the most recent blog posts that feature Polyvore sets we came across:

An ode to the free-spirited woman in all of us.

They call it mellow yellow.

If you could plan out your future wardrobe, what would it look like?

Yeah, we'd pretty much kill for Olivia Palermo's closet.

The perfect blend. Get Lea Michele/Rachel Berry's look.

This week, Golestaneh's all about flower power!

In the spirit of mixing and matching, stripes and florals are all the rage.

If you have a blog and would like to be featured here, let us know!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview with HEY MOON™

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that Polyvore fashionistas are making their dreams come true. Today's interview is with HEY MOON™, who is a self-proclaimed fashion junkie and 80s fanatic about to begin her career in fashion at FIDM! Did we mention she also makes a mean mosaic?

Here are some of her sets:

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Stephanie Livier Betancourt and I’m nearly 18 years old. I’m a Mexican-American girl with French ancestry living in San Diego, CA. In less than two months I’m graduating from high school and will be attending FIDM beginning this summer, here in SD. Since I can remember, I’ve always been so into trends and fashion. There are literally no words to describe how much I love fashion.

How would you describe your sense of style/fashion?

My style is a little bit of everything, it really depends on my mood. I’m more of the surfy-boho-free spirited type. A laid-back, breezy and beachy vibe with a hint of edge; that’s me.

What's hot in your 'hood right now?

A trend that I’ve seen lately at school is, unfortunately, leggings. I don’t have anything against them, but girls at school are abusing them. The worst part is that some wear them as jeans, with short t-shirts...if that makes sense.

What's one thing you wish people would wear more of?

80s clothes. I don’t know why, but I just love the 80s fashion vibe.

How did you discover Polyvore?

To be honest, I don’t really remember. I have bad memory. I think that I was randomly Googling celebrity images and a set appeared. I signed in and the rest is history.

Tell us a little about what you use Polyvore for and why. What do
you like about Polyvore?

Well, I use Polyvore as a fun and creative way to keep on track with today’s fashion trends and express my sense of style. It’s like a fashion feedback.

If you could share one tip or trick with a new Polyvore member, what would it be?

Use Polyvore as a way of showing your fashion/art sense and creativity and don't think about the amount of faves you or your contacts may have.

What's the longest it's ever taken you to create a set?

I don’t really count the time that it takes me to create a set, but one time I had the ugliest internet reception and it took me like one hour.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer or style icon who has influenced you?

At this time, my fashion icons are Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Hanna Beth, Sky Ferreira, and Atlanta Noo de Cadenet. Also three amazing bloggers: Andy Torres, Dajana and Juan Cocco.

What online stores do you like to clip from?

My most resent online store that I’m obsessed with is !!!

What are your favorite sets of the ones you've made?

I made this set for Sky Ferreira and she posted this set on her MySpace page. I got really excited!

I got inspired by the pictures I chose, then I realized that the guy in the pictures, Juan Cocco, had posted my set on his blog.

This sets brings me fun memories. It was one of my first sets I’ve made and was a hit. Even though it’s not the best set ever and it’s really different from the sets I make now, and it’s definitely one of my favorites.

What's your favorite set created by another Polyvore member?

Tough question. I love my Poly-friends’ sets very much. They inspire me a lot by showing me support. There’s a girl that makes the cutest sets ever and deserves more love, she is Laur.E:

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

Not at this moment. Thanks for the interview, Polyvore :)