Monday, January 10, 2011

Featured Style Expert: Lauren Sherman

Lauren Sherman is the editor of Fashionista, where she reports, writes and edits fashion industry news, gossip and analysis. Previous to Fashionista, Lauren was a reporter at Forbes, where she covered luxury goods, fashion and consumerism. There, she established and worked on franchise lists including “World’s Most Powerful Fashion Editors” and “Best Cities for Singles.” Before Forbes, Lauren was the online editor at London-based Quintessentially. Lauren has also contributed to publications including Esquire, Businessweek, and AOL’s Stylelist.

We're so excited to have Lauren as our Featured Style Expert this week and we caught up with her to ask a few questions about fashion and the year ahead!

What do you love about covering the fashion industry?

I love learning about clothes--what it takes to get a garment produced, why certain trends fail and others succeed. I also love the emotion fashion brings out in people. It's a truly magical medium.

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion journalists?

Read everyday. Write everyday. And make sure you're learning as much you can about fashion history. Contextual writing is more compelling.

What are your favorite trends so far this year?

I love mixing nude/pink and orange/red. I'm also a huge fan of flats!

What's your trend prediction for 2011?

More nice-looking faux fur will become available--fur is going to be huge again in the fall! And backpacks will become de rigueur yet again.

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