Monday, January 17, 2011

TACORI Golden Globes $1,000 Mini Editor Contest

Get Golden Globe Ready with TACORI!

Update: This contest has ended. Thank you to all the bloggers and readers who participated in the contest! Contact us for more contest information.

Jeweler TACORI is gearing up for awards season and highlighting their favorite best actress nominees from last night's Golden Globes. They've created a Golden Globes Mini Editor with images of red carpet worthy gowns and TACORI jewels. Invite your readers to create a red carpet ready look in the Mini Editor. Polyvore will select one set from all of the Mini Editor submissions and that reader will win a TACORI 18k925 piece. The blogger who owns the Mini Editor that the winning set was created in will also win $1,000. The contest runs from now until January 20th, 2011. Read the official rules.


Grace Ray Johnson said...

Sounds promising! It's as if the editors are real producers of jewelers gold cause they were given the chance to design and create their own outfits. Is the design above was created by the winner? Well, if so, she just deserved it everything looks fabulous and classy appropriate for an awards night.

Sophie Tyler Neil said...

With that kind of money I can buy a a gown like that together with some custom jewelry to match it. I wish another contest would be conducted and I'm sure that I will not miss that one.