Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Polyvore!

Polyvore is turning 4 on February 10! Now we all know the best part about birthdays are the presents. But we already have the best gift we could ever receive, and that's you! So in celebration of our 4th birthday, we want to give the presents to you.

Create a wishlist set and tell us what you'd want to get as a present for your birthday. Three winners will receive an item from their wishlist! Enter the contest now!


Anonymous said...

looovvvveeeeeee polyvore <3

The Fashionate Report said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm so thankful for Polyvore :D since I stumbled upon it I've been more creative with my projects!

best wishes,

The fashionate Report

Monika said...

What an great idea!!!! Love it... Ohhh, how I want lanvin for h&m dress :*

alina said...

my birthday is on feb.10th too!!

❤✿PaintHead™ said...

❤✿Happy Birthday Polyvore! I only hoped for the best for polyvore and i am so happy Poly is being noticed and loved by others. I only see poly growing and still changing the face of fashion, oxoxoxoox

So proud to be a member.

Painty Loves Polyvore!

maria said...

Sind i found Polyvore, i am adicted.
I received already a giftcard with a publication on the Skigirl!!
I bought some nice boots with that.
I hope Polyvore is here to stay, i like it very much.
I also met some new friends true Polyvore.
Good Luck

Fizzbelle said...

Happy Birthday Polyvore!!! Check out my dedicated Happy Birthday set! Fizz xxx

D&A said...

Like everyone else, I adore Polyvore!!! I hope the fashion industry will increasingly embrace it, and not only see it as the wonderful marketing tool that it is, but also as a site where the general public can learn about and "attain" fashion on multiple levels. The fact that users can incorporate real-life products into their creative process adds a valuable dimension to the nature of fashion art! Congratulations're changing the face of fashion for the better!!! Happy Birthday:) - dusty jellies

Brandy Lehmann said...

Start using xnspy. You definitely should use it.