Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Break Style with American Eagle Outfitters Winners

With nearly 14,000 entries, the Spring Break Style with American Eagle Outfitters contest became the most popular contest on Polyvore! Even more exciting is that all four winners will have their sets displayed on the American Eagle billboard in Times Square between March 11-18! In addition, Lauren.y.b♥ will receive $1000, nperu will receive a $500 American Eagle gift card, Kristelle Yokley and Stelle M. will both receive $250 American Eagle gift cards!

Here's what the American Eagle team had to say about the winning sets:

Grand prize
We love the beach blues...so chic and perfect for spring break!

1st place

This set is so vibrant and colorful and has enough product for a whole week at the beach!

2nd place
This was so fun and creative, we loved the flower bikinis!

Mini Editor winner

Check out more entries here:


Anonymous said...

I feel that all the sets that win in Polyvore's contests look the same. For every contest. But congrats to the winners, anyways :D

Dear Bette said...

Congratulations winners, some really fantastic entries and what a great prize!

Tilly x

Anonymous said...

I agree with this anonymous comment. It is true. I never saw paper doll set won, for example.