Friday, March 11, 2011

Walk into Spring with Leifsdottir Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Walk into Spring with Leifsdottir contest to kick off their first ever shoe collection! Johanna Uurasjarvi loved looking through all of your entries! Be sure to check out our interview with her below for details on how she judged this contest. But first, the winners!

Congratulations to Grand Prize winner stylisHabits who will be receiving $1000 and her very own pair of Katja wedge shoes!

Grand Prize

Runners-up dressing, magdafunk, and lagomera will also receive a pair of the shoes they featured in their sets:


What did you think of the sets that were created for Leifsdottir in the 'Walk into Spring' Challenge?

I was blown away by the strong response we received. It was amazing to see how different and unique the sets were, and how much personality was built into each one. They showed such talent and were great fun to see!

Were you looking for anything specific in submitted sets?

I was looking for a creative and inspiring set that was sophisticated and unique in styling, captivating with a bit of storytelling, and connected to the Leifsdottir brand essence.

What was the judging process like? How long did it take? How many judges were involved? How did you view the entries?

I judged the entries myself. I had been checking in as the contest was going on so that I had an idea of some favorites, but it still took a couple of hours to pick the winner! I looked at the overall mood and layout first and then studied the actual styling.

Why did you choose your winner? What made it stand out and best represent the Leifsdottir brand?

The winning set stood out for its balanced composition, sophisticated modern styling with bit of edge, and editorial storytelling. I loved the sunlight filtering through the trees on the background- the set looked very Scandinavian and captured the Leifsdottir brand essence well.

Whats next for Leifsdottir? Any sneak peeks into future collections or directions?

Next will be our handbag line launch for Fall, which we are very excited about. Also, I am about to leave for Europe and Asia to find inspiration for the Spring ‘12 collection!

Check out more contest entries here:


Anonymous said...

I have heard through the polyvore community that a couple of the winners did not receive their prizes for this contest. Can Polyvore check with the Leifsdottir people to see if they will honor their commitment? Thanks

lagomera said...

I won the 4th prize of this contest! AND I NEVER GOT my shoes!!!
Im really disappointed, that also polyvore didn´t answer my mails!!!
What can I do???
Please send me my prize soon!!