Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bloggers Notebook: Budget Fashion Challenge

I'm harmless. I swear.

Can you believe this entire outfit is under $150? I'm harmless. I swear. by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring flower jewelry

Welcome to the Polyvore Bloggers Notebook, a new weekly feature where we'll highlighting great uses of Polyvore in our blogger community. This week we sat down with Becca from Fashion Me Fabulous to talk about her $150 Challenge series, which uses Polyvore sets as a fun virtual budgeting tool.

Can you create a great outfit for just $150? Fashion Me Fabulous proves that you definitely can! The total cost of all items in each set of the $150 Challenge is under guessed it, $150. The Fashion Me Fabulous team has been creating these outfits for all different occasions, like the set above for Meet His Parents.

More from Becca:

What inspired you to do $150 Challenge Posts?
Fashion Me Fabulous: When we first started the blog, our friends were asking for really affordable fashion. We also wanted to relate to how our friends and readers really shop and show that great style didn't have to cost a lot of money. We didn't spend a ton on clothing to begin with, but with job loss and mass recession, $150 is more realistic than the big budgets in many magazines.

It started as the Target Challenge, but we realized the potential and expanded it to other stores. We actually had the feature before we used Polyvore, but now once we started using Polyvore, it really took off. We've been able to create moods and settings around out outfits and really show how the clothes might look together instead of posting just a block of items like we used to. Plus it doesn't take 50 billion hours to create an image anymore!

How have readers responded to the $150 Challenge posts?
Fashion Me Fabulous: We have eclectic tastes. One week we might style something to wear in an office, the next it's rockabilly, the week after may have Victorian flair. Even with all that shifting, at least one piece in each outfit can be worn by anyone anywhere at anytime. We get a lot of people excited about shoes or a dress or a great deal on a bag.

You can check out all the $150 Challenge from Fashion Me Fabulous. Thanks, Becca!

Tip: On Polyvore, you can find items within your price range by filtering them by price when you create a set or shop for items.

We're always looking for inspirations from our blogger community, so be sure to send us ideas about how you're using Polyvore on your blog.


Elle said...

I love Fashion Me Fabulous! The $150 Challenge is always fun in my groups challenges, and was inspired by this awesome blog!

Jael Paris said...

Thanks, Elle!

Liza Krystal said...

pencil dresses are trensy with pink, black and red coulour. But now qith sweet designs.