Friday, April 22, 2011

Polyvore Groups for Bloggers

Earlier this week we highlighted some of the ways you can connect your blog with the Polyvore community. One of the ideas we mentioned was connecting with Polyvore groups. If you belong to a Polyvore group, you can let your group members know more about posts and sets that you think they'll like. There are many great groups on Polyvore dedicated to bloggers. Here are a few we found:
  • Blog'n'F♥shion.
    From the moderator: "Drop by and share the blogs you love with us all. This can be the place to introduce you to blogs/tumblr/lookbook if you are new to them. It's a great little world to explore!"
  • Street Style Blog. From the moderator: "This group is for all your beautiful sets, inspired by street style blog's pictures!"
  • Fashion Insiders. From the moderator: "Are you constantly giving advice to friends about their outfits? This group is for aspiring stylists, working stylists, and bloggers."
  • Fashion Blogger. From the moderator: "The group is for everyone who like read fashion blogs and their inspiration are bloggers form all over the world."
  • Bloggers on Polyvore. From the moderator: "Whether you're a blogger on blogspot, devote or worldpress, this group is for you."
The creators in these groups hold contests and share ideas and inspiration about blogging. Have you been inspired by a blogger in your group? Tell us more.

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TheStrawberryFields said...

Thanks guys been busy lately so thank you for this its good to catch up :)