Monday, April 25, 2011

Style Influencer Series: P.S.- I Made This

Erica Domesek, founder, creator, and author of P.S. I Made This is a distinguished DIY design and style expert living and creating in New York City. P.S. I Made This inspires and encourages everyone to embrace Erica’s creative motto: "I see it. I like it. I make it."

You really own the concept of DIY design. What made you pursue this?

Empowering, educating, and inspiring a global demand for DIY culture was not something I had planned on "owning", but couldn't be more excited to be in the position I am. Creating things has been a part of my life (personally and professionally) since as long as I can remember. Using art an expression of personal style allows me to be ME! When I wasn't working on sets styling campaigns for brands like Kate Spade and Anthropologie and working on Teen Vogue and Glamour shoots, I would create fashion accessories and cool stuff for myself and friends. Bringing my best friends over for a "craft club" on the weekends were some of the best days I can remember - I figured so many other people would feel the same way... so I decided to sprinkle fun, easy, and super chic DIY projects with

What advice would you give to aspiring designers or people who want to get into the fashion business?

PS- Get involved! I kicked off my fashion career in college. I used to assist stylists on set during photo shoots, help with guest check-in at events, contribute to magazine columns, work at retail stores, while simultaneously running a jewelry company with my best friend called Belle & Jax (our nicknames). Most of the time I didn't get paid- or if I did, it was minimal. My advice: Do not focus on making money early in your career- simply focus on the experience and knowledge you will gain by immersing yourself in an industry you love. Along the way, you will discover what you like, love, and loathe. Be sure to surround yourself with people you admire and careers you would like to emulate. I still speak to my mentors to this day, and thank them for experiences they allowed me to be apart of.

Enter Erica Domesek's style influencer challenge and design a look inspired by your favorite spring florals! Erica will choose three winners to receive an autographed copy of her book, P.S. I Made This. The first place winner's set will be featured on P.S. I Made This and will inspire Erica's upcoming spring DIY project! Talk about bragging rights!


Diary of Style said...

I love your advice! So true! I am a college student studying Retail Merchandising and Product Development at FSU. I truly believe experience and getting involved in college is the key to a successful future working in the fashion industry. Hearing it from you makes it that more reassuring. Thank you!

PAU said...

¡Como me suena eso de no ganar dinero muchas veces!
Es cierto que hay que hacerlo así si quieres introducirte y no tienes contactos pero hay que saber cuando decir stop, a partir de aquí yo cobro, porque finalmente tienen que valorarte como un profesional.
Kind Regards.

Jewellery Channel said...

Lovely post!!