Friday, April 29, 2011

Why does my set shrink when I embed it on my blog?

We received an email from a blogger last week who asked: why does my set shrink when I embed it on my blog?

Here's some information about how Polyvore sets are sized:

Polyvore sets are always a square and are sized according to the size of the items in your set. If you create your collage in other shapes, such as a rectangle, the images in your set will shrink to fit the shape of a square when you publish them. Also, sometimes when items are rotated, the white space around them alters and may go outside the boundaries of a square shape, which will also cause your sets to shrink.

So how do you make sure your set stays within a square? You can use the color block tool to create a boundary on your set that will help your set fit nicely in your blog.

When you create a set, use the color block tool to insert a color block as a guide. It can be any color you choose -- you can remove the color block when you're done with the set. For example:

You can drag the color block to the size you want to work with, and click the Make Square button to make sure it is a square.

Then you can start adding items to the set.

When you're done with your set, you can delete the color block. Or, as many creators on Polyvore do, you can keep the color block as a background in your set.

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