Monday, April 11, 2011

You asked, we made it: resize sets to fit your blog

We are always working on making Polyvore easier to use for bloggers. One of the most common requests we have heard from bloggers is the ability to resize sets to fit within the width of your blog. You can now customize the size of your set s when you embed them. We embedded the beautiful set (above) from kylie_theFASHIONnerd at 620 pixels to best fit the width of this blog. Doesn't it look fantastic?

Here's how to specify the width of your set embeds. Click Embed on Your Blog (or Share) for the set you want to embed, then choose Custom in the Image Size field:

Type the width you want for your embedded set. Specify the size of your embedded set in pixels. The maximum size is 1024 pixels.

We hope that this new feature makes it easier for you to embed a set that fits with your blog’s look-and-feel. So give it a try and let us know your feedback and ideas!

The Polyvore Team


Maria Ana said...

Thank you so much! great help :)

maria ana from

Noemi said...

Love this new feature been using since I realized it was there :)
♥ Noemi

Jay said...

This is awesome! Is there a way to re-size the "Share Your Style: Add Polyvore to Your Blog"?

My sidebar can only handle 250px in width and that's not an option currently given by Polyvore. Changing it manually introduces a hideous scrollbar even though scrolling is set to "no". Can't override it because of host limitations. Must be handled via Polyvore. :(

Jay | museaics said...

Please disregard the last post, I found an alternative. Though the feature would be great, I have decided to put the buttons elsewhere on my page.