Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogger Spotlight: Blair from Atlantic Pacific

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We've seen San Francisco blogger Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific pop up all over our top sets lately. She has inspired many sets on Polyvore and is also featured this month on the ModCloth blog. We love Blair's style -- she mixes sophisticated pieces with her own eclectic touch. We sat down with Blair to found out more about her style and her blog:

Tell us a little about yourself: where do you live and what do you do by day?

I live in San Francisco, CA, but I am originally from the East Coast. I blog as a hobby and by day I am a merchant at Gap Inc. for women’s dresses & outerwear. Fashion and retail are such a big part of my life- just the way I like it!

How did you get started blogging?

I really enjoyed reading other blogs- and my boyfriend suggested I start a personal style blog. With his help I just began taking pictures of what I wear everyday. Most pictures are quick snaps we take on our way to and from work or hanging out on the weekends.

How would you describe your style and where do you get inspiration?

I would say my style is quirky. I have a broad range of style interests, which causes me to experiment with different looks. I think inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere, but it helps that part of my job is organizing editorial tears, researching blogs, and identifying trends.

How do you get such great pictures for your blog?

My boyfriend takes most of my pictures. He has never taken photography classes and really never handled a camera until about a year ago. He has a great natural eye and is creative by nature, so I am lucky to have such a fantastic partner.

What do you like best/worst about fashion blogging?

The creative, passionate people I have made connections with is by far the most rewarding thing about being a blogger. Whether it is meeting a fellow blogger, someone in the fashion industry, or a passionate reader they all have given me a different perspective on blogging and the fashion world. I have learned so much from the new friendships I have made.

The worst part (if I had to say there is a bad thing) is the fact that having a blog can be all consuming. From Twitter to e-mail to the communities I am involved in it seems like you never really take a break. I absolutely love it though, so no complaints here.

Thanks, Blair!

So take a moment and check out Atlantic Pacific to see more of Blair's daily style. Inspired by other bloggers you've found on Polyvore? Let us know!


George. said...


Follow my blog!


Marie-Claude said...

I love Blair's style. I look on her blog everyday and inspired myself from her outfits. She's amazing, she knows how to mix items so nicely, it's actually hard for me to try and "reproduce" it. I'll keep trying and, Blair, don't ever stop doing it!



TheStrawberryFields said...

She looks like she has great style i'll be checking her out for sure!

Y said...

Nice Tricolore!! The bright red blazer, the one forever in the mom's closet looks so brandnew!!

I luv the feather mini. What a combination! Hooray!

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