Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bloggers Notebook: The Reader Challenge

Welcome to the Polyvore Bloggers Notebook, a weekly feature where we'll be highlighting great uses of Polyvore in our blogger community. This week we found a great use of Polyvore on Street Number Eight, whose "Where In The World Wednesday" feature takes her readers to a place and time of their choice.

Saimah from Street Number Eight unveiled the Where In The World Wednesday challenge to her readers last month:

I want you to tell me the city, country, or area that inspires you (in any capacity, not just style-wise). Been on a recent trip to Africa? Does your family hail from Kiev? Have a random fascination with Genghis Khan's Mongolia? I want to hear it! I also want that time period that captures your fancy.
Just tell me the when and the where, I'll give you the who and create a contemporary outfit from your global inspiration.
A Street Number Eight reader challenged the blogger to create an outfit based on mythic Greek goddesses. What would Hera, Queen of the Gods and goddess of marriage wear today?

So far, Street Number Eight has dressed Aphrodite, Athena, and modern women from the Edwardian era. Thanks for the inspiration, Saimah!

We're always looking for inspiration from our blogger community, so be sure to send us ideas about how you're using Polyvore on your blog.


Irina said...

What a great post! I just came across your blog and I fell in love with it! It's spectacular! I love your style! Check out my blog and follow if you like it, I promise to do the same!
See you soon, kisses!

web-o-lina said...

great idea! this is what i wanted to accomplish with my (ex) polyvore group Culture and mythology:) sadly, i don`t have time to check the sets regularly, so there is no group anymore;(
anyway i like ur combos. and have a proposition for u. how `bout morgana le fay? :)
send me a link to my poly profile, modestyblaise, if u find this challenging :)

young & pretty said...

Y&P LOVES Polyvore! What a great way for eco-friendly collaging! We've started using it for our "Framed Styles" looks...check us out at

Agnes Mary Veronica said...

Love it so much! So amazing. <3

Giay tay said...

Sarah at Workday Reads is hosting the 2012 eBook Challenge. I'm joining this one in the hopes that I'll have something (at some point this year) that I can read eBooks easily on. Otherwise, I suspect I'll be spending time reading a few books on my netbook in bed at night. But I do like a challenge, so I'm signing up, regardless.