Monday, May 23, 2011

Runway to Real Way Challenge With Who What Wear

Update: Thank you for all your amazing entries! We will be announcing the 10 finalists here on the official Polyvore blog and on the Who What Wear Facebook page on Tuesday, May 31. Stay tuned!

How do you take a trend from the run way to real life? And how do you get the look that your favorite stars are wearing? The answers to these style questions are the daily fodder of the online magazine Who What Wear, the winner of Best Fashion News Blog of the 2011 Bloglovin’ Awards.

Today, Who What Wear is inviting you to a contest challenge: style a ‘Runway to Real Way’ look and you could be their next Guest Editor! Past Guest Editors have included Kate Bosworth, Gwen Stefani and Rachel Zoe. So you’ll be in good company.

To enter the contest, you must also submit your set to the Who What Wear Facebook page for a vote-off. Here are the details to enter:
  1. Enter your Runway to Real Way set in our contest page.
  2. Post a link to your set on the Who What Wear Facebook page.
  3. Tell your friends about your set on the Who What Wear Facebook page so they can Like your set.
  4. Who What Wear and Polyvore will announce 10 finalists on May 31.
  5. Vote for your favorite finalist on the Who What Wear Facebook page. Voting starts on May 31.
  6. The winning set will be announced on Who What Wear and Polyvore on June 6.
We’ve seen many amazing runway-inspired looks from the Polyvore community, so we’re excited to see what you create for this contest. Good luck!

About our judges

Co-founders Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr are the Creative Director and Editorial Director of the popular online fashion magazine In addition to the website's daily content, they have written two books—Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life and What To Wear, Where—and curated a shoe collection, W3 by Who What Wear.

Katherine and Hillary took some time to sit down with Polyvore to tell us more about the behind-the-scenes details to their success.

Who What Wear has a successful website, two books, a shoe line, Shop The Closet, and so many great features. Tell us more about what you do at Who What Wear?

While we do have lots of interesting projects, our day-to-day focus is always on creating the best stories for That means collaborating with amazing Guest Editors like Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba, and Leighton Meester, shooting original fashion and celebrity editorials, and crafting of-the-moment fashion and beauty trend stories. We're also currently working on a major redesign for the site -- it's amazing, we can't wait to launch it -- and planning for our 5th anniversary, which is coming up this fall!

What's a typical day like at the Who What Wear office for you?

There's never really a "typical" day at the Who What Wear office! We're always researching, designing, reporting, and writing our daily content -- so much work goes into each story -- plus there's often a photo shoot going on (usually for the products we feature, but models may be involved too), meetings galore (editorial, advertising, and overall business development), and appointments with various showrooms/publicists to see or re-see various collections. Katherine always has to oversee and edit potential products for upcoming stories, while I always have lots of copy to write and/or edit, so there's always a ton going on!

Where do you find your fashion inspirations?

We get fashion inspiration from so many different things: amazing editorials (vintage ones, more often than not), street-style photos, and the amazing way our favorite tastemakers wear their clothes. We also are pop-culture fiends, so there are lots of movie/musician references that fly around the office. Archival photographs of our favorite style icons are really important too.

How do you find your own voice when so many people write about fashion?

Finding your own voice is really something that is a product of two things: training and perspective. From the get-go, we knew we wanted to create something that was informative, inspirational, and, above all else, accessible. As former magazine editors, we knew how to create stories—that's what we did at ELLE for years—so we always urge people to really pay their dues and work for an established media company to get hands-on training. In terms of perspective, we never wanted to talk down to women—which happens all the time in the fashion world—we just wanted to explain things in a friendly way. Our hope was that, when equipped with inspiring images and specific information/details, that our readers would want to create their own versions of the latest trends.

What advice do you have for people who want to make a living writing about fashion?

Intern, intern, intern. Write, write, write! We cannot stress how important it is to get as much training as you can. Get an internship at any publication you love and tell your editors that you are dying to do anything. When you've proven yourself as the sort of hard-working intern who can tackle any challenge, figure out a way you could contribute. Start small: no one is going to give you a huge feature story on a celebrity, but they might let you cover an event, write product descriptions, or help research certain stories. At the same time you're working the professional angle, be sure to have your own outlet for writing and creativity. That means start a fashion blog, where you demonstrate your take on fashion and create your own stories. It will show you're truly serious about working in the industry and enthusiastic—two very good things!


Casie Mace said...

Ahhhhhh! I cant wait to enter! Awesome :)

cori dyer said...

We would love to help promote the winner/winners of Runway to Real Way. Let us know how we can help spread the word on WHO WHAT WEAR. Bloggers have a 70% influence on their readerships.

Cori Dyer
Broadcast Bloggers

Britt+Whit said...

ooh what a cute contest! very exciting! WWW is one of my favorite blogs!

love from San Francisco,

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

I wish the contest had lasted longer; I was going to enter, but I was busy all day and when I checked today it was already over.

But it's a great concept; hopefully you guys will do something like this again! :)

seo service said...

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who participated in the Who What Wear/Polyvore Runway to Real Way Challenge! We were truly impressed by the gorgeous layouts you created and are so thrilled to know there is so much amazing talent out there. Also thanks to everyone who voted: the finalists, as well as the entire Who What Wear and Polyvore teams, appreciate your support tremendously. Okay, now just to refresh your memories, these were the top 10 finalists.