Thursday, May 26, 2011

Template 101: All About Street Style Templates

How much time do you spend using graphic programs to make the images in your blog look beautiful? Probably more than you can spare. Last year we introduced templates, pre-set layouts that you can use to make blogging easier and faster. You can create your own template in Polyvore and use them again and again in your blog posts. Here on the Polyvore Blogger Network blog, we will be introducing template ideas, along with tutorials on how to create them.

Today we're bringing you a few templates that you can use with street style or personal style photographs. These templates are a great way to bring variety to your style blog and to let your readers know about the items in your photographs.

The set above is created with a simple street style template:

You can easily fill in any template with personal style pictures and items:

personal style - Andy of Style Scrapbook

With templates, you can easily create a set to tell your readers about the items in your outfit. You can then quickly list these items by embedding the set in your blog post. When you embed a Polyvore set, Polyvore can automatically list the items in the format you choose, like we did with the set above.

Templates used to create these sets:
You can use any of the existing templates in Polyvore, including the three simple templates used in this post in any of your blog posts. Just click Fill This Template and drag and drop the items you want in the place holder.

Or, you can make your own template that suits your blog. Check out our quick tutorial on creating a template for street style photos.

This is the first in a series of template types we'll talk about on our blog. Let us know what you think about using templates on your blog, and if you have other template requests for us!


Elisabeth said...

Super helpful! I'll definitely be using one of these templates on my blog soon :)

Lisette said...

I used you blog, i dont konw what happened and I stopped. Now I have decided that I should continue, specially now with the templates,will make my design much easier.