Friday, June 10, 2011

Bloggers Notebook: Lookbook with The Emerald Closet

Adria Saracino and Travis Querec are the duo behind the Seattle style blog, The Emerald Closet. Every Friday on The Emerald Closet, you can find lookbooks that feature a series of great finds from these stylish bloggers. Here is an example of a Covet Friday lookbook that Adria and Travis put together using Polyvore:

Cropped Shirts & Skirts

We caught up with The Emerald Closet to talk more about the Covet Friday section and their blog:

Tell us about The Emerald Closet -- why did you start the blog and what can readers expect to find?

The Emerald Closet is a fashion blog for both men and women that highlights street style, offers fashion advice, covers news/trends, and provides a glimpse into our own personal style. I've always been the go-to person for style advice for my friends, I thought it'd be a good idea to get all my ideas and inspirations down in the blogging space. If I could help people in my circle, that meant I could help others, right?

I follow a ton of fashion blogs and thought I could represent a unique voice in the space. I thought that there is a severe lack of street style blogs covering Seattle, and I haven't seen blogs that offer personal styling services, which we are really excited to roll out!

How do people respond to your Covet Friday section?

We've gotten great feedback on our Covet Fridays sections. We like to introduce people to brands or looks we love that readers might not typically know or think of. One of my favorites was our Intro to Color for the Faint of Heart post, because it is a topic near and dear to my heart. Since I always stick to neutrals in my closet. I wanted to let our readers who might share my sentiment how to break free of the chains.

We also covered NY designer Lauren Moffatt for one of our Covet Fridays. She actually saw the post and offered to give an exclusive interview for our readers. We thought that was really great and confirmed that starting Covet Fridays was a good idea.

Thanks, Adria and Travis!

We're always looking for inspiration from our blogger community, so be sure to comment and send us ideas about how you're using Polyvore on your blog!


Cait said...

Loving all of those outfits. I really like the bags from minimal and whimsical. I'm definitely going to try the look of crop top and maxi skirt.

Danielle said...

Love Polyvore so much for my blogging! I use it when I'm way too lazy to post pictures of me in my clothes or if I want to show something I got in a haul! It's so much more convenient, technical and creative than taking pictures and is sometimes, the most efficient way to go!

I also use Polyvore to create sort of a virtual closet for myself. I'll update pictures of clothing I have and put them on Polyvore so I can see what I have and how it'll work together! Love it!

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