Monday, June 6, 2011

Embed and Share an Item on Polyvore

Did you know that you can now embed an item on your blog from Polyvore? We know that many people in our blogger community share the best and newest items with readers every day, so starting today, you can embed any item from Polyvore on your blog.

You can read more about the embed item feature on the Official Polyvore Blog.

So, how can you use the embed item feature in your blog post? You can use it anywhere you want to share an interesting item that you found. For example, say you want to write about 'cat eye glasses'. Show your readers some fun cat eye glasses like this pink Tsumori Chisato pair by simply clicking the 'Post to Blog' link on the item page:

Tsumori Chisato sunglasses

Tsumori Chisato sunglasses (see more purple shades)

Or how about these tortoiseshell glasses from Tom Ford?

Tom Ford sunglasses

Tom Ford sunglasses (see more sport shades)

These Alexander Wang cat eye glasses are so glamorous.

Alexander Wang sunglasses

Alexander Wang sunglasses (see more alexander wang sunglasses)

We hope the embed item feature makes it easier and faster for you to share an awesome find from Polyvore with your blog readers. As always, we look forward to your suggestions and feedback!


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the Burtons said...

been doing this forever with McQueen on tumblr :) a nice feature

Angie said...

I am still scouring the site for the answer to my question but I figured I will throw it our here. How can I add an entire to a post rather than just posting the set from polyvore?

Burns said...

These frames are too cute! I wonder if our optometrists would allow this.