Monday, June 6, 2011

New! Embed and Share an Item on Polyvore

We know that fashion bloggers are bringing a lot of inspiration to Polyvore, either by posting about their personal style, finding that perfect clutch, or discovering the most interesting statement necklace. Starting today, sharing that amazing item you found on Polyvore just got a lot easier. You can now embed any item found on Polyvore on your blog, or share the item in your social network.

When you see an item you’d like to feature in a blog post, just click Post to Blog on the Item page. If you have already connected your Polyvore account to your blog, you’ll see the Post to Your Blog dialog box.

This is what an embedded item looks like on Blogger:

Valentino ankle booties

Valentino ankle booties (see more high heel booties)

You can choose the size of the item that appears on your blog, and whether you want to post the item as a draft. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the HTML code into a blog post.

You can also share an item that you like in Twitter, Facebook, or any of the social sharing buttons under the Post To Blog link.

We hope you find this new feature helpful! Show us how you’re using the new Embed Item feature on your blog, and let us know your feedback and suggestions!

The Polyvore Team


Sol said...

Great feature!!!

Amanda said...

Wow this is so helpful!


Jael Paris said...

Thank you!!!!

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