Friday, June 3, 2011

Polyvore Love Letters: Blog Roundup

Every Friday we bring you a roundup of bloggers who use Polyvore in creative ways. This week we found some great examples of bloggers using Polyvore to showcase looks for stylish women on a budget.

We love the way Tariro styled one shirt in two different ways in her blog Savile is Love:

Did you love Whitney Port's fringe dress on a recent red carpet appearance? Fashionista NY Girl showed off how you can get the look for less.

The YSL Arty Ring is all the rage, and Flora at A Sour Girl found a version of the ring for the budget-minded.

Parenting by Dummies brought the 80s back when she decided to have an 80s party. We too remember the 1980s well but some of the 80s-inspired items are hard to resist. Feather earrings, anyone?

This week, Street Number Eight took you back in time even more with a 1920s inspired set in her Where In The World Wednesday series.

The ladies at Fashion Me Fabulous took a teal inspiration and turned it into a beautiful set.

If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in Love Letters, let us know!


Heather said...

Thanks for posting me and my entry!!! I also love that first set :D

Jael Paris said...

Thanks! I made that set to show my sister-in-law how Polyvore worked.

MilaneseGAL said...

Great sets! A fellow blogger
Hugs from Italy

giay bup be said...

The following are all blog posts from that feature sets I've made and showcased on this blog. Thank you to Polyvore for showing my sets to the community and thanks for to my blog followers and Polyvore friends for your support.
I plan on updating this as new posts appear.