Friday, June 24, 2011

Polyvore Love Letters: Blog Roundup

What are our favorite Polyvore bloggers up to this week? It's time to find out.

The sun's out, and Wit & Whimsy is going to Nantucket! Check out her packing list.


Fashion Me Fabulous has a challenge for you: how to rock sequins with a sporty vibe, all under $150?

$150 Challenge: Sporty Summer Shine

Kyler Jewelry highlighted Polyvore community members who styled their jewelry in creative ways. We love the way you can transform a simple white dress.

Без названия

Combat boots make another appearance in Golestaneh's street style post.


Going to a wedding this summer that requires sleeves? Glamourous Newlywed's got you covered.

Wedding Guest Cap Sleeve/Affordable Dress 3

If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in Love Letters, let us know!

P.S. Did you know you can create quick slideshows on your blog with Polyvore? Check out how.


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