Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Category! People & Print

Tribal Trend | Zink Magazine | Yvonne Nusdorfer |

Tribal Trend | Zink Magazine | Yvonne Nusdorfer | (clipped to

We've noticed that many of your sets are inspired by stunning models and breathtaking editorial photo shoots. So to help provide you with rich, high quality images to use, we're introducing a new and exciting embellishment category to the editor: People & Print! Now you can easily search and add beautiful images of models and editorial shoots from fashion sites like and to your sets.

Just click on the 'People & Print' icon in the editor to get started. You can refine your search to find images of your favorite models like Lara Stone or even magazine covers like Vogue!

We hope you enjoy this new addition to the editor! We're excited to see the sets you create with these images, so be sure to share them here!

The Polyvore Team


Anindya said...

This is so great. Thank you, Polyvore. :)

Nikell said...

Thanks Polyvore. You guys are always adding fabulous tools to help make our sets better!!

So appreciated =0D

★lala★ said...

great improvements!!!!!! thanks Polyvore team, you rock!!!!

sarahsaurus said...

Ooo! Nicely done, Polyvore! When will we see the next suggestions post? I've some ideas since the beginning of my epic battle with the item organizer ;)

MilaneseGAL said...

Great idea! I already used it! Thank you for adding it.
Hugs M

gillian said...

So what happened to the new categories from a couple weeks ago? Patterns? Textures and effects? something like that.

I don't see them listed.

ODNM said...

GREAT!! thanks polyvore.