Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Fashion Advice with Glamour

Earlier this month, Glamour magazine readers shared some of their pressing style questions with us. And as the fashionistas you are, you proved ready for the challenge! From mixing prints to dressing up for dates, your style advice was simply fabulous. As we gear up for the fall, we thought we'd highlight some of your style tips. Whether you're looking for affordable items, dressing for a date, or attending a black-tie event, we've got you covered.

Looking for affordable items for fall? Here are lyudmyla's top five picks:

Top 5

Lace halter blouse. Add a pencil black skirt or pants, or under a v-neck sweater paired with a maxi or midi skirt and you have your trendy 2011 fall look with a touch of 40s elegance.

Mixed-print scarf. For under $10 you can add a print to almost any of your outfits.

Short blazer. Wear a bright color to pick up on fall's color trends. It's simple "architectural" cut can be  androgynous with a buttondown shirt, black pant boots and hat or mix in some silk, knitwear, and leather to compliment the texture craze.

Hand-held handbag. The latest accessory trend for the fall 2011 season. Buying a colorful one will not only brighten up your outfits, but also bring it from yesterday into today’s fashion world.

Platform ankle boots. These were featured on multiple fall 2011 runways and are a must-have this coming fall and winter season.

Need help dressing for a fall date? blujay's advice is universal.

Falling For You

The answer is simple. Whatever you feel most comfortable or confident in, that's what you should wear for a date. If you love to rock a great pair of jeans, wear them. If you're a girly girl, go full tilt in a floral dress with a cozy cardigan. If you're an edgy chick, take him to the edge with you. If you feel comfortable, your date will too. And he's on a date with you, right? So he must like you just the way you are. Here are a few suggestions to help along. All of the pieces I use are generally under $100, so you won't be breaking the bank.

Black-tie wedding on your calendar this fall? thefunkyfashionista has some styling tips for you.

Black Tie Wedding Outfit Ideas

Most people used to think black-tie events called for conservative, elegant dresses. It does, but that doesn't mean you can't spice up your look and modernize it. Go with a longer dress, just because it's more formal. If you want to show some skin without looking inappropriate, you might want to try a dress with a sheer skirt like the Alexander McQueen strapless velvet gown. Some cool colors to try out would of course be black, as well as, navy, emerald green, ruby red, plum, purples, teal, and a pretty beige. Stay away from white or ivory, these colors should be left alone to the bride! Try dressing up your look with a statement necklace, sparkly stud earrings, and a good clutch.


Hija @ work said...

i love the second outfit :)

Nafissa said...

I Love The Three Outfits ! I Like The choice of Colors ,Silhouettes , accessories , Details .. I think you picked very nice Items !


scripts for hypnosis said...

I just love those fall collection line! Everything looks gorgeous!

S.L. Gabriel said...

The beige dress is beautiful.

the funky fashionista said...

I can't believe my set made the polyvore blog! It's a dream come true!


Tugce Tufekci said...

Amazing fall collection!

giay da nam said...

No idea how to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall? Love the look of layering but not sure how the heck to do it? Wondering what to toss and what to keep for the upcoming chilly season? Still in search of your perfect pair of jeans? Then you're in luck, dolls, because I'll be answering all of your most pressing style questions at Glamour's Facebook page! There's no question too big or too small, so meet me there, and fire away...

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Lois Roth said...

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