Sunday, August 14, 2011

FNO Style Setter Week 1 of 3! Blake Lively Judges Your Fall Wardrobe Essentials

FNO Style Setter: Fall Wardrobe Essentials

The wait is over. We're excited to launch the first ever Fashion's Night Out online event on Polyvore: FNO Style Setter! Over the next three weeks, we'll reveal a new weekly theme chosen by editors for you to style your sets around using at least one item from the official Fashion's Night Out collection. The grand prize is a trip for two to NYC to attend a Vogue photo shoot plus a tour of the famed Vogue Fashion closet. A fashionista's dream come true!

For this week's challenge, show us your fall wardrobe essentials. Each day, a editor will select one set to be featured on At the end of the week, our celebrity judge Blake Lively will choose two finalists to be entered in the final round of community voting on on September 5. After you enter this week's challenge, be sure to check back next Monday for a new challenge and chance to win!

While you're on the FNO Style Setter page, don't forget to check out sets created by the FNO VIP -- fashion editors, designers, models, musicians, and influencers! Show them your support and welcome them to Polyvore by liking their sets! We'll be adding new sets several times a week, so keep an eye out for more from your favorite celebrities.

Ready, set, make a set!


Lisa said...

I am really excited about this contest!


Dear Bette said...

Fantastic contest but a huge anti-climax for those of us outside of the 50 US States, once again.

Anonymous said...

So unsurprisingly, only US residents can win. My question: can you still be featured on if you're from England?

MarieL said...

I was so excited about this contest with all the expectation you generated with the countdown and everything but again was super disappointed when I found out that only US residents will be able to participate. Where is the old Polyvore where everyone was welcome to enter the contest? Who cares about the personal domains and tags (which is quite annoying actually) if we can't even enter the official contests.

BleuSoie said...

I'm live in Italy. I'don't speak find the english and my school start on the 10 september. How I did?

Anonymous said...

Polyvore,I'm so sad !!
Only US residents can win ! OMG - that's fantastic right? - To all American Fashon Lovers !
BUT It's so unfair
Not only this contest but also other contests,winners mostly come from America !
YOU're KILLING other talents!Poly..

Anonymous said...

I've dreamed about visiting Vogue since I was little and this would be a fantastic opportunity but guess what, Polyvore, the world-wide community where everyone can express themselves, favors only the US residents for amazing contests. Like someone just said, the old Polyvore was amazing. You've invested so much in marketing that you've forgot who you're marketing for...and it's not just the US.

Rachel said...

Wow this is a great contest... If only people outside of the states could win. I live in canada and I can't even enter. Give some other people a chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Okay polyvore come on already and do something to let international residents enter some of the good contests once and awhile!! Its so unfair, this is a majorly international website to have all the contests limited!

P.S. said...

look forward to see the contest
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Dave said...

very excited about the contest
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