Thursday, August 4, 2011

Interview with LSAMSAM

Today's interview is with LSAMSAM who has been a rockstar member of the community for a year now. Her set layouts are eye-catching and she has a great knack for style. And if you're looking for fun ways to wear fashion trends, you should definitely check out some of the great collections she's compiled! Here are some of her sets:

Beat the heat with Bohemian

Beach to Boardwalk - Vermont Style

Thank you Kyler Jewelry

Tell us about yourself.

Hello! First, let me say thank you to Polyvore for this interview. What an honor! My name is Lisa. I am a Library Director in a small Vermont town and I have my own social media marketing and web design business. I love living in Vermont and working in my small community. Writing is another passion of mine. I recently started my own blog: Vermont Styles and I write a column in my local newspaper. I have been happily married for 11 years and have two beautiful daughters, 9 and 5. When I am not working or taking care of my family, I love to rock climb, shop, read, spend time with friends...and play on Polyvore!

What are your personal aspirations?

I love my life. It can be hectic, but it is full of things that make me happy. I hope that I continue to explore all my interests and keep learning. I hope that I can be brave enough to welcome new opportunities as they present themselves. And, I hope to be a woman that my little girls can look up to.

How has Polyvore affected your life?

Following fashion has always been a hobby of mine. Watching styles change and evolve is fun. But, now with Polyvore, I feel like I am part of the fashion evolution and that is so exciting.

Describe your personal sense of style.

I appreciate a wide variety of styles. I remember in high school wearing a skull necklace and shredded jeans one day and the next going pure preppy. As a 30-something Vermonter, I go for a sophisticated, elegant, bohemian style. I like mixing ethnic accessories and local artisan jewelry with classic pieces. Comfort and practicality are also very important since I spend a lot my time with young children.

What are some of your favorite brands?

I am not a brand loyal person. I visit thrift stores often and chose items that are made well and speak to me. I even help buy for my friend's vintage clothing business, the Barking Bitch. That said, Hudson jeans are MAGIC and Marni's way of mixing patterns and materials is inspirational.

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

I was in the top ten for the Hudson and Victoria's Secret contests, but I have no idea which sets were in the running. If Polyvore could make this information available to contenders I would very much appreciate it. Other than that, I have been thrilled with Polyvore. The site is intuitive, the staff are inviting and encouraging and the community, well, it is the best social community online. Everyone is so supportive, nice, and unbelievably talented. I am very grateful to have found a home here.


JulietaV said...

great interview!! love to know more about Lisa, she is very talented!

LSAMSAM said...

Awww... just read this comment. Thank you JulietaV! PM me anytime. :)

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