Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook!

Style Scrapbook

You voted for Style Scrapbook as the Best Personal Style Blog in the Polyvore Blogger Awards, and now let's meet the face of Style Scrapbook, Andy Torres! Andy is a Mexican stylist blogging from Amsterdam, where she dazzles us with her style. We sat down with Andy to find out more about her inspirations and tips to aspiring bloggers.

Where do you find style inspirations?

I find my inspiration everywhere, but lately it's mainly online. I think that the internet is a great source for inspiration, especially because there are so many great blogs out there! To me sometimes it's more inspiring to see my favorite blogger in a rocking outfit than an editorial in a magazine. Seeing it on a blogger makes it more "real" and accessible, that's why I prefer online inspiration.

How did you start blogging and how did you become successful?

I started my blog almost four years ago and because I wanted to gave a place where I could share the way I see fashion and the way I translate the trends to my personal style. I figured the best place to do it was the internet. I don't know how it became so successful. I guess part of it was the timing, because I started before the blog craze, but also because I dedicate a lot of time and love to it and I always try to improve it in some way or another, so my readers appreciate that.

What's your advice to aspiring fashion bloggers?

To do it for the right reasons, to stay very true to themselves and their style and be dedicated to it. One of the most important things when you have a blog is to experiment with fashion to keep your readers interested, so I would advice them to wear what they like and what they feel comfortable in. A lot of girls are afraid to experiment with fashion because they are worried about what other people might think when in fact experimenting is the best way to discovering your own personal style.

If you love it, wear it! Who cares what other people might think (that is my fashion motto).

Andy is taking over the Polyvore home page today, so be sure to check out her top picks, and also follow her on Style Scrapbook!

Here are some of the top sets created for Andy for the Polyvore Blogger Awards.


Emila . said...

Really cool blog.

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i agree with @Emila this is really cool i absolutely love the blog<3

Julieta Venegas said...

Felicidades Andy!!
and thanks to Polyvore for a great interview with one of the favorites bloggers of all Polyvore!

Sukhesh said...

The official 'blog' :)
Anyways, a nice blog you have :)

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Great blog, glad I found it!

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Eef en Lot said...

I really love her style! She is the best blogger of this moment! and she is dutch! hihi!

Eef en Lot

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Alyia said...

Absolutely cool blog!

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Paper Roses said...

I agree, i love the look of this. Very talented

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