Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Geri Hirsch of Because I'm Addicted!

Polyvore Blogger Awards: Because I'm Addicted

You voted for Geri Hirsch of Because I'm Addicted for the Best Fashion Insider in the Polyvore Blogger Awards, and now it's time to meet the woman behind the blog! Geri started blogging five years ago and has been bringing her readers amazing editorial shots and first peeks at many collections and trends.

But what sets Geri apart is that she also creates delicious recipes and gorgeous food photography that make reading her blog a truly fun experience all around. If you're crafty, you'll also love Geri's DIY section.

We caught up with Geri to talk a little about her inspiration and how she has stayed focused on blogging for the last five years.

Where do you find style inspirations?

Everywhere and anywhere. From other people, the streets, art, photography, store windows, music, other blogs, restaurants, architecture, the world is our playground.

How did you start blogging and how did you become successful?

I started out of a thirst for creativity at my first full time terribly boring 9-5. A blog was the best option. As for success, a big part of it was "right place right time." I started 5 or so years ago when blogs were just breaking out and I've benefited greatly from the momentum. And most importantly, I stuck with it and never gave up.

What's your advice to aspiring fashion bloggers?

Do it for the right reasons, stick with it and never give up! Hard work pays off.

Thanks, Geri!

Geri is taking over the Polyvore home page today so check out her top picks -- fashion staples that you must have in your closet, and follow her on Because I'm Addicted!

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giay nam said...

Geri Hirsch: My blog is five years old, so I’m kind of OG in the blog world. I was at my first job out of college and wanted to gauge out my eyeballs. In order to get through it, I needed a creative outlet to keep me going.I work best when I have a lot on my plate. So for me having a job, having a blog and working on other projects keeps me going. I have to do things that I love and that excite me because you only live once! You can always find hours in the day if you really love something. I don’t sleep as many hours as the doctors recommend, but I’m really excited when I wake up that I’m doing cool things. It keeps me going. The most gratifying part for me is that I did this on my own and nobody helped me along the way. Everyday is just a matter of logging on to the computer and sticking to something. I have and it’s been quite the ride.