Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Kristina Bazan of Kayture!


One of the most exciting categories in the Polyvore Blogger Awards was the Community's Choice category where you nominated your favorite blogger. The winner of this category is Kristina Bazan of Kayture! Kristina is a student and fashion blogger from Switzerland. On Kayture, you can find Kristina in chic, polished looks. We talked to Kristina about her style inspirations and how she gained a loyal following on her blog.

Where do you find style inspirations?

I get my inspirations from almost everything that surrounds me: it is important to have a sensible eye to beautiful things in our daily life. I am inspired by someone on the street, the decoration or the ambiance of a restaurant, or even a movie. Those types of inspirations are the best because they are very personal. I also love reading Vogue or Elle -- they always show beautiful pictures and the clothes look gorgeous. It gives me a lot of ideas. I think that mixing some personal life inspirations with high fashion magazine editorials can create something very interesting and unique.

How did you start blogging and how did you become successful?

I started to work seriously on Kayture this January. I have always been passionate about fashion, art and style. When I discovered web communities such as Lookbook and Blogger, I became aware that we all have our own fashion voice to share with people and it is possible to do so via the internet. The idea of creating a blog came to me at the end of year 2010, so I created an account on Lookbook and Blogger and slowly started to make some posts.

My boyfriend James, who is a really talented photographer, helped me a lot in starting my blog. He takes almost all of the pictures on my blog -- we're a great team. I think that what makes Kayture "successful" is the fact that James and I work a lot to provide not only regular posts but also good quality pictures with good ideas and original stylings. If I don't like a picture or an outfit, I will never show it on my blog.

What's your advice to aspiring fashion bloggers?

It is very important to stay true to yourself, and be confident with your own personal style and tastes. Starting to copy somebody isn't a good idea. A good blog has to show a face of your peronality, of what you like and what you don't. Also, don't buy big designers simply because it is fashionable: you can create an amazing outfit by making interesting combinations even with second-hand clothes.

Thanks, Kristina! Kristina is taking over the Polyvore homepage today so be sure to check out her picks and follow her on Kayture!

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