Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Member Spotlight: fuur

Today's spotlight is on fuur. We fell in love with her keen eye for minimalist style and were curious to know more about her. Hailing from Canada (our neighbor up north), she's been on Polyvore for over two years and has dreams of pursuing a career in product design. Here are some of her sets:

Untitled #743

Untitled #736


Tell us about yourself.

I'm Melissa. I'm 19 years old and I live in Canada. I'm an architecture student at the University of Manitoba. I currently run a local store here part-time that caters to the male population. I'm really interested in product design at the moment, but I've always had an eye for designing clothes, furniture, and all.

What are your personal aspirations?

I'm really hoping to pursue my career in the faculty of architecture and product design.

How has Polyvore affected your life?

I've been using Polyvore for over 2 years now and it's changed how I look at clothing. I've been exposed to more brands, designers, and online shops. Whenever I save an item I feel like I've gone shopping. I have so many items clipped and saved and I love going through them and using them all. It's also changed my life in the sense that I spend most of my online time on here making sets.

Describe your personal sense of style.

I would have to say I'm a minimalist. I wear a lot of plain fabrics and dark colors. I also wear a lot of shift dresses.

What are some of your favorite brands?

Dieppa Restrepo, Slow & Steady Wins the Race, ACNE, Margiela, and Wilfred from Aritzia.

Got any feature requests for the Polyvore team?

I really have none for you guys. I love the activity analytics you share with us now. It's always been easy to use and follow. If there is any way I can be more involved online I would love to know.


Julieta said...

I love her minimalist approach on fashion, her outfits are very stylish, thanks for making these interviews and letting us get to know more about Polyvore members.

Badaude said...

So great to feature a minimalist polyvorer: Fuur is one of my favourites

Our Youth said...

I love her sets!

Anonymous said...

I don't really "get" it. I've seen minimalism done well and this isn't it. And maybe the best way she could look attractive is to make her face blurry? That just doesn't seem very professional!! Polyvore! you can do better than this!!!!

Bags Online said...

Nice collection, Melissa.

giay bup be said...

"You can make your own fantastic outfits with gorgeous designer items, or just show everyone what you're going to wear on Saturday. Founded by ex-Yahoo'er Pasha Sadri (who created Yahoo Pipes), polyvore started as just fashion, but it has become so much more. People are using polyvore for art collages, interior design, wishlists, and more. Each group of items (called ""sets"") is interactive and by mousing over any one item in the set you can see a short description of it, and a link to learn more or purchase the item.
Creating a collage is a simple as dragging and dropping products into your ""set"". Sets are public and viewed by others. Polyvore members can get comments or be favorited; they can be a part of a group, entered into contests, and they can be easily shared. Polyvore provides the simple code to embed a set into a website."