Friday, October 21, 2011

Polyvore Love Letters: Blog Roundup

It's Friday and time to check out how bloggers use Polyvore to create great posts and show off their style!

If you smell fall in the air but are not quite ready to put your warm weather wardrobe away, The Stylist on a Budget helped you create a fall look with denim shorts:

Do not put those shorts away!

More Design Please wrote about "an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day." This fantastic outfit is not wasted on us! (and welcome to Polyvore!)

MDP hearts Polyvore- Antique Collection

Desire to Decorate featured a collection of great Polyvore sets recently. We especially love this punched up red leopard set:

Red Leopard

The prep-tastic Hilfinger ads have inspired Fashionista New York Girl to create a guide to put together outfits inspired by the advertisement:

Tommy Hilfiger 2011

(click over to the original post to see the inspiration ad)

It's hard to mix comfort with glam, but Sparkling Footsteps found a way.

Comfy with a side of glitz and glam

If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in Love Letters, let us know!


Pauli said...

OK, I am going to give my opinion.
Sets that you are choosing are extremely boring, lately. Minimalistic is nice, but its not nice everyday.
There are MANY women that love to see a lot more product and props in sets, collections, etc.

ART sets, also are very interesting and super cool looking when they are shown off, as well.
I believe yesterday, you allowed a HOT Art Set to go up on the Top sets. Along with Carla from NZ, but that is not enough. Women also LOVE vintage, antique/victorian, and Carla is PROOF of that particular type fashion, which is all the rage in many mags right now. "DOLLS" are not shown off and that is a HOT item all over.

Top sets- always the same ole same ole. And we have a worldwide site, here.

Take Versace, for ie; There is NOTHING 'minimalistic' about him/them. Same with Cavalli. But the continental p.o.v. is not really shown off here. And, although I am from USA, I have to say, that the best sets are NOT from the USA.

Just an opinion.

PERSONALLY, I would *love* to see 50-75 plus sets every AM. With Art, and also interior. People into interior are artsy-fartsy, and folks into art are interior driven., yet those sets get no attn, and interior is our lives, more than fashion, latest evidence of this is "HYPNOSE" with the doll house, which was brilliant, because it combined home with fashion.

Women, now, because of bad economic times are geared to making home the entertainment center once again with all of the drippings and nice, elegant dresses, & fashion.


Bloggablegirl said...

Thanks for the feature polyvorians! ;-)
Love Xx

taos shoes said...

Pauli, I think Polyvore has been showcasing simplicity, true, and they've turned away from extravagant clothing, yet, these things are what people want to see.

bop da said...

Looks like you have been “getting around!” Just kidding! Some great stuff there and you definitely have a feel for what readers want. Thanks for the links and keep up the good work.You’ve been making a lot of house calls, Jake! Thanks for making one of those stops my blog. You’re welcome there any time.