Friday, April 29, 2011

Why does my set shrink when I embed it on my blog?

We received an email from a blogger last week who asked: why does my set shrink when I embed it on my blog?

Here's some information about how Polyvore sets are sized:

Polyvore sets are always a square and are sized according to the size of the items in your set. If you create your collage in other shapes, such as a rectangle, the images in your set will shrink to fit the shape of a square when you publish them. Also, sometimes when items are rotated, the white space around them alters and may go outside the boundaries of a square shape, which will also cause your sets to shrink.

So how do you make sure your set stays within a square? You can use the color block tool to create a boundary on your set that will help your set fit nicely in your blog.

When you create a set, use the color block tool to insert a color block as a guide. It can be any color you choose -- you can remove the color block when you're done with the set. For example:

You can drag the color block to the size you want to work with, and click the Make Square button to make sure it is a square.

Then you can start adding items to the set.

When you're done with your set, you can delete the color block. Or, as many creators on Polyvore do, you can keep the color block as a background in your set.

Got another question about using Polyvore on your blog? Comment or email us at

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

Happy Friday! Take a break from examining the details of Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding dress and check out what our favorite bloggers in the Polyvore community have been up to.

This week, Street Number Eight has a novel idea: sets inspired by mythic Greek goddesses. What would Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, wear?

Inspired by a more real life celebrity, Fashion In My Eyes creates a look inspired by model Chanel Iman.

Another model caught our eye on Machine Wash Warm, who featured Linda Evangelista and a beautiful look for breezy Boston weather.

On My Fashion Days, Andrea posts a great look that featured the Mulberry Alexa bag.

Oh, did we say take a break from the royal wedding obsession? We can't help ourselves but day dream about what we would wear at a royal wedding. Deacon Does DC has a great royal wedding outfit idea.

This week on the Polyvore Blogger Network blog, we introduced the Bloggers Notebook, a weekly feature where we highlight great uses of Polyvore in our blogger community. If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in the Love Letter, let us know!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Magnum Ice Cream Winner love2shop4 at the Tribeca Film Festival!

Last Thursday, Polyvore community member Patricia (aka love2shop4) attended the debut of Karl Lagerfeld's film series starring Rachel Bilson at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City! As the winner of our Indulge in Style with Magnum Ice Cream and Rachel Bilson contest, she walked down the red carpet and received VIP treatment! Here's more about Patricia, including a recap from her exciting star-studded night in NYC!

Tell us about yourself.

I'm a lawyer with a primary practice in the area of commercial litigation. I firmly believe in giving back to the community and devote at least 100 hours a year to pro bono work where I assist families with disabled children in obtaining a fair and appropriate education. My life is hectic but rewarding and when I need to relax and shop I turn to Polyvore. Polyvore is my creative outlet and it always inspires me when I see other members sets.

Why did you decide to enter the Magnum Ice Cream contest?

Well, who doesn't love ice cream? Especially when you marry Karl Lagerfeld (the iconic figure of Chanel) and Rachel Bilson (a gorgeous star with an uncompromising style) together at a red carpet Tribeca event - it seemed like it would be a special evening. I feel very honored to have won given that there are so many talented Polyvore members.

What was the inspiration behind the winning look you created?

The inspiration came from the two of the three vignettes. Photo Mood featured Rachel Bilson as an annoyed famous model who finds solace in a delicious Magnum ice cream bar. I made it a point to make sure that I placed an object in the set indicating that it was a model wall. Applause stars Rachel Bilson as a prima ballerina in the embrace of her boyfriend, played by model Baptiste Giabiconi, but then decides that she needs Magnum ice cream more than a kiss. The ballerina in my set pays homage to the scene. And of course, a picture of Karl Lagerfeld and the caption 'It's Fabulous' completed my set.

Tell us all about your night at the Tribeca Film Festival!

Our winner Patricia on the red carpet!

Recognizable even from behind! Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld

The event was held at the Frank Gehry IAC Center in Chelsea. My night began with a walk down the red carpet and an interview with Fashion TV. Afterwards, we went to the reception area where there were open bars serving specially made 'Magnum' cocktails and waiters abound with a variety of appetizers. Celebrities were everywhere! I watched Anna Wintour escorting Karl Lagerfeld to the premiere. In fact, trailing behind was a waiter with a goblet of diet coke waiting for any gesture from the iconic figure. Guests included Elettra Wiedemann, May Anderson, Behati Prinsloo, Crystal Renn, Christian Siriano, and Patrick Demarchelier among a host of many others. It was very exciting to have Rachel Bilson standing just two feet away! After the viewing, the waiters came out with bars of Magnum ice cream. It was delicious! Kudos to Magnum for a most memorable red carpet event.

Bloggers Notebook: Budget Fashion Challenge

I'm harmless. I swear.

Can you believe this entire outfit is under $150? I'm harmless. I swear. by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring flower jewelry

Welcome to the Polyvore Bloggers Notebook, a new weekly feature where we'll highlighting great uses of Polyvore in our blogger community. This week we sat down with Becca from Fashion Me Fabulous to talk about her $150 Challenge series, which uses Polyvore sets as a fun virtual budgeting tool.

Can you create a great outfit for just $150? Fashion Me Fabulous proves that you definitely can! The total cost of all items in each set of the $150 Challenge is under guessed it, $150. The Fashion Me Fabulous team has been creating these outfits for all different occasions, like the set above for Meet His Parents.

More from Becca:

What inspired you to do $150 Challenge Posts?
Fashion Me Fabulous: When we first started the blog, our friends were asking for really affordable fashion. We also wanted to relate to how our friends and readers really shop and show that great style didn't have to cost a lot of money. We didn't spend a ton on clothing to begin with, but with job loss and mass recession, $150 is more realistic than the big budgets in many magazines.

It started as the Target Challenge, but we realized the potential and expanded it to other stores. We actually had the feature before we used Polyvore, but now once we started using Polyvore, it really took off. We've been able to create moods and settings around out outfits and really show how the clothes might look together instead of posting just a block of items like we used to. Plus it doesn't take 50 billion hours to create an image anymore!

How have readers responded to the $150 Challenge posts?
Fashion Me Fabulous: We have eclectic tastes. One week we might style something to wear in an office, the next it's rockabilly, the week after may have Victorian flair. Even with all that shifting, at least one piece in each outfit can be worn by anyone anywhere at anytime. We get a lot of people excited about shoes or a dress or a great deal on a bag.

You can check out all the $150 Challenge from Fashion Me Fabulous. Thanks, Becca!

Tip: On Polyvore, you can find items within your price range by filtering them by price when you create a set or shop for items.

We're always looking for inspirations from our blogger community, so be sure to send us ideas about how you're using Polyvore on your blog.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Style Influencer Series: P.S.- I Made This

Erica Domesek, founder, creator, and author of P.S. I Made This is a distinguished DIY design and style expert living and creating in New York City. P.S. I Made This inspires and encourages everyone to embrace Erica’s creative motto: "I see it. I like it. I make it."

You really own the concept of DIY design. What made you pursue this?

Empowering, educating, and inspiring a global demand for DIY culture was not something I had planned on "owning", but couldn't be more excited to be in the position I am. Creating things has been a part of my life (personally and professionally) since as long as I can remember. Using art an expression of personal style allows me to be ME! When I wasn't working on sets styling campaigns for brands like Kate Spade and Anthropologie and working on Teen Vogue and Glamour shoots, I would create fashion accessories and cool stuff for myself and friends. Bringing my best friends over for a "craft club" on the weekends were some of the best days I can remember - I figured so many other people would feel the same way... so I decided to sprinkle fun, easy, and super chic DIY projects with

What advice would you give to aspiring designers or people who want to get into the fashion business?

PS- Get involved! I kicked off my fashion career in college. I used to assist stylists on set during photo shoots, help with guest check-in at events, contribute to magazine columns, work at retail stores, while simultaneously running a jewelry company with my best friend called Belle & Jax (our nicknames). Most of the time I didn't get paid- or if I did, it was minimal. My advice: Do not focus on making money early in your career- simply focus on the experience and knowledge you will gain by immersing yourself in an industry you love. Along the way, you will discover what you like, love, and loathe. Be sure to surround yourself with people you admire and careers you would like to emulate. I still speak to my mentors to this day, and thank them for experiences they allowed me to be apart of.

Enter Erica Domesek's style influencer challenge and design a look inspired by your favorite spring florals! Erica will choose three winners to receive an autographed copy of her book, P.S. I Made This. The first place winner's set will be featured on P.S. I Made This and will inspire Erica's upcoming spring DIY project! Talk about bragging rights!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Arrange Tool in the Editor

Want to get your ducks in a row? Try the new "Arrange" button in the editor, which lets you align, center, and arrange multiple items in a single click.

Here's how it works:
1. To select multiple items, hold down Shift or Ctrl or Command while clicking on items. You'll see the Arrange button appear.
2. Use the Arrange button to align, center, and spread out your items.



Spread horizontally

Hope this makes it easier for you to make sets!

The Polyvore Team

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup, Earth Day Edition

Happy Earth Day! Every Friday we catch up with some of our favorite bloggers. This week we found bloggers who are creating sets as their own ways to celebrate Earth Day and spring.

Amanda's Garden shows off 10 stylish ways to make the world a cleaner place:

Kyler Designs has ideas for your eco fashion fix:

She also offered some top finds at the Green Festival:

Along with inspiration from Earth Day, we also found some great spring styles from our bloggers. Savile has spring fever for shoes:

Keren B styled a 70's-inspired spring look:

Pump n Gloss had great tips about how to make your spring looks last forever:

This week on the blog for Polyvore Blogger Network, we talked about a few ways to connect your blog with the Polyvore community. If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in the Love Letter, let us know!

Polyvore Groups for Bloggers

Earlier this week we highlighted some of the ways you can connect your blog with the Polyvore community. One of the ideas we mentioned was connecting with Polyvore groups. If you belong to a Polyvore group, you can let your group members know more about posts and sets that you think they'll like. There are many great groups on Polyvore dedicated to bloggers. Here are a few we found:
  • Blog'n'F♥shion.
    From the moderator: "Drop by and share the blogs you love with us all. This can be the place to introduce you to blogs/tumblr/lookbook if you are new to them. It's a great little world to explore!"
  • Street Style Blog. From the moderator: "This group is for all your beautiful sets, inspired by street style blog's pictures!"
  • Fashion Insiders. From the moderator: "Are you constantly giving advice to friends about their outfits? This group is for aspiring stylists, working stylists, and bloggers."
  • Fashion Blogger. From the moderator: "The group is for everyone who like read fashion blogs and their inspiration are bloggers form all over the world."
  • Bloggers on Polyvore. From the moderator: "Whether you're a blogger on blogspot, devote or worldpress, this group is for you."
The creators in these groups hold contests and share ideas and inspiration about blogging. Have you been inspired by a blogger in your group? Tell us more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Connect Your Blog With the Polyvore Community

Who’s your style inspiration? For many people in the Polyvore community, bloggers have become fashion icons in their own right. We found many beautiful sets inspired by style bloggers like Atlantic Pacific, Late Afternoon, Where Did U Get That, and Karla’s Closet.

Here at Polyvore, we’re also discovering some great blogs through the Polyvore community. Polyvore community members are tastemakers with an eye trained on the latest trends in fashion. Here are a few ways you can let the Polyvore community know about your blog:

  1. Include your blog in your profile under Profile-Settings.
  2. Take advantage of the description in your sets: What does this set tell you and where can people read more about your set’s inspiration? On your blog, of course. Here’s an example: Adelle from Fashionista Lab includes a link in the description for her leopard print set to point her contacts to her blog post.
  3. If you belong to a group on Polyvore, let your group members know about posts and sets that you think they’ll like.
  4. Get to know Polyvore members whose style fit your blog. Like their sets, add them as a contact, or better, give them a shout-out on your blog.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Have you discovered your favorite blogs through Polyvore? Have you used Polyvore to let your fellow fashionable tribe members know about your blog? Share it in comments and let’s talk!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Style with Lancôme Color Design Palettes

30 Days. 10 Palettes. Style looks with Lancôme's Color Design Palettes and you could win a trip to NYC to shop with Lancôme ambassadress Arlenis Sosa or Elettra Wiedemann!

With its bold colors and luxurious texture, Lancôme's new Color Design Palettes are the must have accessory this year. In celebration of the launch, we'll be introducing a different color palette every 3 days to our Style with Lancôme Color Design Palettes contest. So be sure to create a new look with every color!

One Grand Prize winner will receive an all expenses paid trip for two to NYC to shop with Arlenis Sosa or Elettra Wiedemann, a makeover with a Lancôme makeup artist, and a full set of Color Design Palettes. 10 runners-up will receive all ten palettes.

Enter the contest now and style the first color palette, Teal Fury!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Love Letter Roundup

You might have seen the Polyvore Love Letter on Fridays at the official Polyvore blog, where we highlight bloggers to the Polyvore community. This week we featured The Strawberry Fields Forever (who created the set above), Deacon Does DC, BizChickBlogs, Fashion In My Eyes, and Street Number Eight. You can see sets created by these awesome bloggers in this week's Love Letter.

We're always looking for new and creative ways that you can use Polyvore sets and collections on your blog. Let us know in comments or in an email ( about how you're using Polyvore in your blog.

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

TGIF! Every Friday we catch up with some of our favorite bloggers for some style inspiration.

We're in love with leather jackets and knuckle rings. The Strawberry Fields Forever isn't helping our obsession with this edgy look.

Deacon Does DC knows how to do Friday nights right.

Have a busy life style with little ones running around? BizChickBlogs has the perfect outfit for stylish moms.

Fashion In My Eyes shows you how to style cropped trousers, inspired by the beautiful Jessica Stam.

Speaking of those cute trousers, Street Number Eight featured a glittering version of the pants and a glamorous coat. Here's how to get her look.

We launched the blog for the Polyvore Blogger Network this week, so if you're a blogger, bookmark us and let us know how you're using Polyvore on your blog!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Spoke, We Listened. Improved Activity Stream.

Last week we rolled out some changes to the site, including a new color block tool, rectangular cropping, and changes to My Home. Thank you to everyone who shared feedback with us. We read through all 500+ of your comments and spent the last week working on some further improvements.

Today we've rolled out a new version of the My Home activity stream that makes it easier find your likes and comments. Likes are grouped by person, which makes it easier to reciprocate likes, but is still more compact and less cluttered than the previous design. Let us know what you think!

The new color block tool and rectangular cropping have been getting a lot of love! Over 28,000 sets have been created using color blocks in under a week. We're inspired by how creatively people are using color blocks to embellish their sets. Here are some examples:

Thanks for being patient as we worked on our revisions. We can't promise we'll always make changes you love, but please know we are always listening and trying to make the site better. Just as a headsup, we will continue to make changes to My Home and will be introducing vanity URLs for your profiles. Stay tuned!

The Polyvore Team

Refresh Your Look with NIVEA Soft

Accent your beautiful skin and revive your spring wardrobe with NIVEA Soft for a chance to win a $1000 Net-a-Porter shopping spree! To enter, mix and match your favorite spring pieces with a NIVEA Soft product.

First prize will receive a $1000 gift card to Second and third prize winners will each receive a NIVEA product package. Fourth to tenth prize winners will each receive a NIVEA Soft product package.

Enter the contest now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News from the Polyvore Blogger Network

Welcome Aboard

Today we have two pieces of exciting news for our blogger community: a new home for the Polyvore Blogger Network, and the ability to resize sets when you embed them on your blog.

The blogging community on Polyvore has been an amazing source of inspiration and support for us over the past few years. We've created a new blog for the Polyvore Blogger Network, where you can find news and tips about Polyvore tools and join the conversation about fashion blogging. Check out more details about the Blogger Network's new home.

One of our top priorities at the Polyvore Blogger Network is to improve our blogger tools. One of the top requests we have heard from bloggers is the ability to resize sets when you embed them on your blog. To do that, we first improved the image quality of sets so that they look great in sizes large and small. Starting today, you can specify a custom size for your sets to fit the width of your blog. You can read more about resizing sets over at the Blogger Network blog.

So be sure to bookmark, sign up for the Polyvore Blogger Network, and let us know how we can make blogging with Polyvore work for you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Indulge in Style with Magnum Ice Cream and Rachel Bilson Winner

Whose set is Rachel Bilson admiring in the photo below? It belongs to the winner of our Indulge in Style with Magnum Ice Cream and Rachel Bilson contest, love2shop4!

Congratulations to love2shop4, who will be flown out to NYC from her home of San Antonio, TX to attend the Tribeca Film Festival debut of Karl Lagerfeld's original film series starring Rachel! We can't wait to hear all about her experience! In the meantime, check out the behind the scenes footage of the three films that are being debuted: The Photo Shoot, Ballet, and The Drawing Class.

See more contest entries here:

Style Influencer Series: Kate Betts Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Style Influencer challenge with Kate Betts! Kate loved seeing how you dressed your favorite style icons. Congratulations to winners Alexa L., shuffman11, and StreetWhit! They'll each be receiving an autographed copy of Kate Betts' book Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style!


. by Alexa L. featuring an envelope clutch

Check out more sets inspired by your favorite style icons here:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ready, Set, Blog!

At Polyvore, we are always finding inspiration from our amazing blogger community who use beautiful sets to show off their style. We were thrilled that so many of you joined the Polyvore Blogger Network earlier this year, so we've been working hard on tool improvements and programs for bloggers on Polyvore.

Here's a little about what you can look forward to from the Polyvore Blogger Network:

News about tools for bloggers: We're always looking for ways to make Polyvore a great tool for blogging. Earlier this year we added new layouts and item lists to set embeds. This week, we added another top request from bloggers: customized width for set embeds. We'll be bringing you news and insider tips about using Polyvore, so check back often.  

Tips about blogging with Polyvore: How can you embed Polyvore sets and collections to add great content that your readers will love? We've seen many creative ways that bloggers use Polyvore, so check back here for examples and ideas.

Special opportunities for bloggers: Information about events, meet-ups, and other opportunities to build a more successful blog. 

A supportive community of bloggers: The supportive, creative community on Polyvore extends to our bloggers. We'll be connecting you to events and forums to talk about topics important to the blogger community.

So join the conversation about fashion blogging with the Polyvore Blogger Network! Have feedback or questions about using Polyvore on your blog? Email us or leave a comment below. We want to hear from you!

Eugenia Chien
Blogger Marketing Manager, Polyvore

You asked, we made it: resize sets to fit your blog

We are always working on making Polyvore easier to use for bloggers. One of the most common requests we have heard from bloggers is the ability to resize sets to fit within the width of your blog. You can now customize the size of your set s when you embed them. We embedded the beautiful set (above) from kylie_theFASHIONnerd at 620 pixels to best fit the width of this blog. Doesn't it look fantastic?

Here's how to specify the width of your set embeds. Click Embed on Your Blog (or Share) for the set you want to embed, then choose Custom in the Image Size field:

Type the width you want for your embedded set. Specify the size of your embedded set in pixels. The maximum size is 1024 pixels.

We hope that this new feature makes it easier for you to embed a set that fits with your blog’s look-and-feel. So give it a try and let us know your feedback and ideas!

The Polyvore Team

HUDSON & Georgia May Jagger Style Inspiration Winners

We're thrilled to announce the winners of our HUDSON & Georgia May Jagger Style Inspiration contest! Thanks to everyone who participated, Georgia May Jagger loved looking through all of 3,951 contest entries and judging the contest!

A huge congratulations to Grand Prize winner, gℓitzɳgℓąɱ0587! Her set will be printed in Nylon Magazine and she'll be flown to LA to attend Nylon's Young Hollywood Party! In addition, she'll have a styling session with HUDSON Creative Director Ben Taverniti and receive all 5 styles of the HUDSON by Georgia May Jagger jeans collection. So exciting!

In addition, runners-up Bethiesue, widelyflung, StreetWhit, and chicGiselle will be receiving all 5 styles of the HUDSON by Georgia May Jagger jeans collection!

Check out more contest entries here:

Style Influencer Series: Chiara Ferragni

We're excited to have personal style blogger Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad as this week's Style Influencer! Chiara's blog is best described as a 'salad' of her life because it's a mix of fashion, personal style, and life. She also recently launched her own Chiara Ferragni shoe collection!


What do you love about fashion blogging?

I love the fact that it makes me feel alive and happy. It's also given me so many new chances and opportunities.

What is your advice for other aspiring fashion bloggers?

Just be yourself all the time and try to post as much as you can, if blogging makes you happy. People love to read a daily diary!

Enter Chiara's style influencer challenge and show us your jet-set style. She'll personally choose one winner to receive a pair of shoes from her collection!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rock Your Color with Sebastian Professional

From head to toe, your style is unstoppable! Let your glamour and attitude loose with Sebastian's Color Ignite color care collection by creating a rockin' look. Maja Ivarsson, the lead singer for The Sounds, will personally select the winners. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $1000 VISA gift card plus a Sebastian gift basket. Two runners-up will receive a Sebastian gift basket.

Enter the contest and unleash your fearless style!

Polyvore Love Letters - Blog Roundup

Happy Friday, everybody! Every week we find inspiration from bloggers who use Polyvore to show off their style. Here's this week's best:

Thanks to Machine Wash Warm, we're longing for gorgeous summer days:

Fashion Me Fabulous is hooked on yellow and black:

The pops of bright yellow continue in Emma Pillsbury's closet on What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear:

The Strawberry Fields Forever shows off a celebrity inspiration. We love the shocking pink!

There's been lots of buzz about Aerin Lauder's new lifestyle brand, Aerin. Sandra's Closet shows us how the heiress puts together her impeccable look:

Do you use Polyvore on your blog? Let us know!