Friday, September 30, 2011

Site Down for Maintenance

We're taking the site offline for a bit as we do maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We're in the midst of moving our hardware infrastructure to a new data center.  The move will allow us to make the site faster.  This round of maintenance does not include any site design changes.

Thanks for your patience!

Polyvore Love Letters: Blog Roundup

This week we've discovered yet more ways you can use Polyvore to create great editorial images for your blog. Let's check out what our bloggers have been up to.

Diana from Dressed Up Alligator used several Polyvore sets to show how to dress up color denim. First, say you have these bright color jeans to work with.

Colored Denim 1

Diana then created a set for each pair of color denim. For example:

Colored Denim 3

Check out Bright Denim on Dressed Up Alligators to see how Diana laid out the post seamlessly with Polyvore sets.

You know those glittery Miu Miu booties that are spotted everywhere? Fashionista NY Girl found a real life-priced alternative.

Miu Miu

Click over to Fashionista NY Girl to find out where to get a similar pair that evokes the same spirit as the Miu Miu boots.

We told you earlier this week about the blogger dinner with the Rebecca Minkoff x Polyvore Dee clutch. Dear Bette created another set featuring Blair of Atlantic-Pacific with the clutch.

Blair wears the Dee

Fashion Me Fabulous took a cue from Clara Bow and showed readers how to wear her 1930s look in 2011.

Clara Bow

If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in Love Letters, let us know!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogger Style: the Rebecca Minkoff Dee Clutch

How four bloggers wear the Dee

How would you style the Rebecca Minkoff x Polyvore Dee clutch? We invited four San Francisco bloggers to show us how they would wear this rock-chic, oversized clutch. The Rebecca Minkoff Dee clutch made its debut at New York Fashion Week, and it's been spotted on bloggers and fashionistas alike! You might remember that this clutch was designed by Polyvore community member Dee (f21obsessed) and put in production this year. The Dee clutch is now sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Our four bloggers took the Dee out for a walk on a beautiful afternoon near the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Let's check out what they wore.

Blair of Atlantic Pacific

Blair, who runs the blog Atlantic-Pacific, opted to go with a casual military-inspired vibe, with a khaki green vest, leather shorts, and two-tone pumps from Zara. Click on the set to see details of her outfit.

Jennie of

Jennie of GoingWest mixed the Dee clutch with fun prints, a sheer blouse, and some amazing Steve Madden sandals. You can see more of her outfit photos with the Dee at Going West.

Laura of

Laura at On The Racks chose an adorable skirt from Zara with tiny heart prints and some stunning lace-up heels from Miista.

Anh of styles the Dee

Anh of 9 to 5 Chic was looking elegant with an Alexander Wang blazer and beautiful ChloƩ pumps.

These stylish ladies aren't the only ones who are rockin' the Dee. Thanks to everyone who entered our Who Do You Want to See Rockin' the Dee? contest and styled celebrities and bloggers with the clutch. A big congrats to our winner je-suis-un-lapin who styled the edgy Kate Moss with the Dee! je-suis-un-lapin will be receiving her very own Dee to rock in Brazil!

KM + RM*

This was an amazing opportunity to have the Polyvore community create a designer bag, and even better to see it styled by some of our favorite bloggers. So thank you to everyone who participated!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Updates to the Site Design

New Updates to the Site Design

Dear Polyvore community,

It’s been a busy week for us! We’ve been hard at work improving the new site design in response to your feedback. Here’s what’s new:

No more missing images. Items were disappearing from sets due to overloaded image servers. We’re really sorry this happened. This problem is now fixed. If for some reason you still see items missing from a set, try republishing your set. If that doesn’t work, let us know by leaving a comment with a link to your set so we can look into it.

You can comment on sets directly from the homepage. Many people pointed out that it was inconvenient to have to click away from the homepage to the set page in order to leave comments. Now you can write comments directly from the homepage! Just click the comments link and you’ll see a comment box with the 5 most recent notes.

Fewer Top Sets in your stream. Another common complaint was that people’s homepage streams were getting flooded with too many Top Sets. So we’ve toned that down. If you’re a new member, you’ll still see a lot of Top Sets, which are designed to help you discover new content and cool people to follow. As you start to follow more people, your stream will become more personalized and eventually Top Sets will disappear. (However, you’ll always be able to get to Top Sets via a link on the right side of the homepage). Please try it out and let us know if your stream feels better.

Ability to see text sets. In response to numerous complaints about text-only sets, we started to filter text sets from people’s streams. However, if you love text sets, you can still see them by going to your Account Settings and turn on the “Everything” setting to see a fully unfiltered stream.

Thank you to everyone who shared feedback. Your comments are super important because they help us pinpoint what to fix. Please keep it coming!

We’re also sorry we didn’t get everything right on the first try. Thanks for your patience as we work through the kinks. You guys are the best :-)

The Polyvore Team

Friday, September 23, 2011

Polyvore Love Letters: Blog Roundup

It's the weekend and we found more bloggers who use Polyvore to show off some coveted items! Check out what they've found.

Elements of Style readies you for fall with his-and-her looks that feature cozy cable knit sweaters.

Cable Knits

Speaking of "his-and-hers," what do guys think when it comes to the perfect date outfit? The Emerald Closet takes a gander in this date outfit roundup.

Guy's Perspective: Perfect Date Night Outfits

A Go-Go found an amazing leather dress among her dream items.


Taking inspiration from a Jason Wu runway look from Fashion Week, Amanda's Garden has some tips of where to get these beautiful stockings.

Shop the Runway Look: Jason Wu F/W 2011 Polka Dot Tights

Colorblock? Check. Animal print? Check. City Chic rounded up the latest trends.

Covet - Fall 2011

If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in Love Letters, let us know!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The New Site Design - We're Listening

Dear Polyvore community,

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write in with feedback on the new design. It means the world to us that you care so deeply about the site. We’re sorry that not everyone likes the new homepage, but we’re working around the clock to try to make it better.

We’re getting so many comments that we can’t respond individually to all of them (we do read all of them though!), so we wanted to take a moment to address the top issues:

I’m confused. Where is everything that used to be on My Home, Explore, and the old Polyvore homepage? Almost everything that used to be on those three pages has been split into two pages: Activity and the new homepage.

What’s on the homepage? The homepage is dedicated to browsing your contacts’ stuff, as well as discovering new people.
  • Contacts' sets
  • Contacts' collections
  • Likes from your contacts
  • If you’re new to the site or not following very many people, we may also mix in some of the Top Sets for that day to help you discover new styles you may love.
What’s on the Activity page? The Activity page is dedicated to your stuff and ideas to inspire your creation.
  • Notifications about new likes, comments, etc. on your sets or collections
  • Contests
  • Groups
Some content from Explore and the old homepage was removed because we found nobody was using it. If you want some of those sections back, let us know by leaving a comment on the blog.

I don’t like seeing big sets on my homepage. I prefer being able to see more sets at once. We’ve added a toggle in the top right that says “Stream | Grid”. Switching to Grid view lets you see a grid of many sets all at once, very similar to the old My Home.

Why did you make this change? I prefer having everything on one page! Through user feedback, we learned that the old My Home was confusing to people who don’t make sets regularly. We wanted to give these users a homepage where they can enjoy Polyvore by browsing the beautiful sets created by those they follow. We also found that active creators care a lot about the views, likes, and comments they receive, so we created a dedicated Activity page where you can easily see all of this. We felt it was a good design philosophy to have separate pages focused on different tasks.

Why didn’t you ask us for feedback first? We know you’ve gotten mad at us before for making drastic changes, so we tried to ask for more feedback upfront via a beta test. We’re sorry that we couldn’t include everyone.

For the beta test, we invited 200+ members to try the site starting five weeks ago. As you might imagine, the initial feedback was very similar to what we’re getting now. “I hate it! Why change a good thing?” was one of the first comments. But after a few days, we started to see a lot of people grow to like the new design.

Here are some of the comments from our beta testers:

“I love it! I'm glad I was part of the testing. For those of you who don't like it now, it takes a bit to get used to but in the end it's so much more streamlined than the old homepage =)”
“So glad the changes are now active throughout the community! As a beta tester, I too wasn't sure of the new changes but they quickly grew on me. I am able to stay so much more connected to the community. It is easier to navigate and find people now. Thank you Polyvore for always trying to make things better for us!”
“I was one of the beta testers and at first, I hated this layout and wanted it gone asap. And after giving feedback about what I didn't like, one of the Polyvore team members got back to me and pointed out a few points, and told me to give it a few more days to adjust to the change. Now, I love this layout. Things will all make sense once you give it some time. Everyone is doing the same thing I did, making too quick of a judgment. Nobody likes changes, but they happen and people just need time to adjust.”

We’re really sorry that the change is so drastic, but we didn’t see any way to roll it out incrementally.
We hope you’ll give the new design a chance, as our beta testers did, because we think you’ll grow to like it as they did.

Why don't you fix the 50 item limit instead or make an iPad/iPhone app or build other things we request? We're working on a mobile version and hope to have an iPad app by the end of the year. Our engineering team is pretty small though, just 10 people. If you know anyone who'd like to join, please point them to!

As much as we'd like to increase the 50 item limit to 100, the problem is that loading too many items in the editor will slow down your browser. It also puts load on our image stitching servers and would make it significantly slower to publish and load sets. We just want you to know it wasn't an arbitrary decision. Sorry :-(

Images are slow or blank. Items are missing from my sets. We’re really sorry about this. It’s a temporary issue that we’re working hard to fix. The upgrade to larger sets put extra load on our servers, causing images to be served slowly or not at all.

Why are there weird things in my homepage stream? The homepage is supposed to be your contacts’ sets, with a few features (the gray boxes) of Up & Coming sets, Top Sets, and stuff your contacts liked. There was a bug causing way too many gray boxes to show up, which we’ve now fixed.

Thanks for all of your patience as we work out the kinks. If you have specific feedback about the new design you’d like to share, please let us know by leaving a comment.

The Polyvore Team

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bigger Sets, New Activity, New Homepage, Oh My!

UPDATE (9/19/2011): Thanks to everyone who has shared their feedback with us. We've been reading every comment, although we can't always respond directly to everyone. Please check out our latest blog post, where we've addressed some of the top issues.

Bigger Sets, New Activity, New Homepage, Oh My!

Dear Polyvore community,

Today we’re introducing some exciting new changes to Polyvore!

Bigger Sets -- Now 44% larger
Your sets are works of art that deserve to be shown in their full glory. We've upgraded our set images from 500x500 pixels to 600x600 pixels in size.  We think they look even more beautiful now!

Activity page -- Notifications, contests, groups all in one place
The new Activity page is dedicated to all your creation activities.  Your activity notifications, contests, and groups are all in one place for quick & easy access.  Many of you have given us feedback that the old My Home was too cramped, so we gave the activity stream more breathing room and larger images.

Real-time activity notifications -- Never miss an update
Whenever you have new likes, comments or messages, you'll be notified immediately. Watch for the red number icon flashing at the top of the page next to the Activity link.

New Homepage -- Browse sets from your friends
Wondering where your contacts’ sets went? They’re on your new homepage! The new Polyvore homepage is like your very own personalized style magazine, filled with sets and collections from people you’re following. Choose between Stream view (big images) or Grid view (small images). 

To help you navigate through these new changes, check out this FAQ:

Q. Where are my contacts sets?
A. On the homepage. Click on the Polyvore logo or type "" into your browser to get there.

Q. Where are my activity notifications?
A. On the new Activity page. Click on the "Activity" link at the top of the page.

Q. Where are contests?
A. On the new Activity page. Click on the "Activity" link at the top of the page.

Q. What is the "Stream | Grid" option at the top of the homepage?
A. Stream view gives you big sets, so you can browse them and like them all from one place. Grid view lets you scan lots of sets at once, similar to the way it was on the old My Home.

Thank you to all the Polyvore members who have been beta testing the new site for a month!  Your feedback really helped us refine the design.

We know change takes some getting used to, but we think you’ll grow to love the new look. What we found from our beta test is that the new layout helps you explore even more of Polyvore, discovering more sets you like and interesting new people to follow.

As always, let us know your thoughts and feedback by leaving a comment here on the blog.

The Polyvore Team

Polyvore Love Letters: Blog Roundup

New York Fashion Week is wrapping up, and school is just starting. What have our favorite bloggers been up to in preparing for the new season? Check out how they've been using Polyvore to create beautiful images for their blogs.

Fashion Week kicked off with Fashion's Night Out, and Twist and Fashion picked out one of the key trends spotted on the glitterati, the animal print.

New York, Wait for Me.

Taylor Sterling of The Glitter Guide shows how you can get her New York Fashion Week look.

NYFW: Get The Look Outfit #2

Deciding what to wear to the first week of school can be as difficult as deciding what to wear for Fashion Week! Kenguri has her first day of college look figured out.

Blogger Style : Bohemian Chic

If you're a fan of Lucky Magazine's fall bag guide but want to find vegan versions of these bags, look no further than Veggywood, where a complete vegan version of the fall bag guide awaits you.

Lucky Magazine Fall Bag Guide, Trend #3: Small Cross-Body Bags

Fall has inspired a collection of lovely things at Teen Fashion Diary.

So what if it's fall? We can still COLORBLOCK!

Neutral color is the inspiration for the on Van City Pretty this week.

Feeling Neutral

If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in Love Letters, let us know!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Congratulations to FNO Style Setter Winner diegolohve!

Alexa Chung

Over the past three weeks, your excitement and participation in our FNO Style Setter challenges fueled the creation of thousands of fashionable sets! Blake Lively, Alexander Wang, and Vogue's Grace Coddington had the pleasure of judging all of your FNO creations. The final six sets went to a vote on this week, and we're excited to announce the big winners!

Congratulations to Polyvore member diegolohve, whose set received the most votes, and to the lucky voter raveneve, who will be getting the grand prize of a trip to New York, a tour of the Vogue offices, and a backstage pass to a photo shoot.

A big thank you to everyone who participated!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rebecca Minkoff x Polyvore Dee Clutch Makes Its Debut!

Who Do You Want To See Rockin' the Dee?

Remember the Dee clutch designed by Polyvore member f21obsessed from our Rebecca Minkoff Runway Design Challenge earlier this year? Well, it's ready to make its big debut. Rebecca Minkoff will be launching the Dee clutch at their Fashion's Night Out party in NYC tonight at Saks! And you'll be able to purchase the bag exclusively at Saks, as well. Here's the bag in all its studded glory:
Rebecca Minkoff clutch

The Dee has recently been spotted on Leandra of the Man Repeller, and we want to know who else you think should be rockin' the amazing Rebecca Minkoff x Polyvore clutch bag! In celebration of the bag's debut, create a look for your favorite celebrity or fashion blogger with the Dee and you could win your very own Dee clutch!

We also caught up with f21obsessed to see how she's feeling about the big launch!

dee clutch

The Dee is finally making its debut! How does it feel to see the finished product of your design?

It still feels surreal. I don't think it will hit me until I actually see it in stores! A lot of other emotions come into play - from nervousness to excitement. Will it sell well? What will people think? And is it really here?

What do your family and friends think about the bag you designed?

My family has seen the bag and a couple of friends. They think it's great and interesting to see it come to life.

How has this whole experience been for you?

I can seriously say that my trip to NYC last Fashion Week was one of the best things that I've ever experienced in my life. It was so much fun and also a great learning experience. I always knew that I'd rather be the person behind the scenes, designing, than out in the lime light. But this experience taught me that sometimes to move forward you have to be out there and that's okay. :)

Join us in congratulating f21obsessed on designing a fabulous bag for Rebecca Minkoff and enter the contest now!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vote For Your Chance to Win a Trip to Visit Vogue in NYC!

Vote For Your Chance to Win a Trip to Visit Vogue in NYC!

After three exciting weeks of FNO Style Setter challenges, we're excited to announce all six of our finalists together on Congratulations to alexand-rra, lovekhrys, stylista2011, lsamsam, london-rose, and diegolohve! Many thanks to our celebrity judges Blake Lively, Alexander Wang, and Vogue's Creative Director Grace Coddington for choosing the finalists!

Now it's your turn to vote. Visit and vote for your favorite FNO set by leaving a comment. The creator of the set with the most votes will be flown out to New York City to attend a Vogue photoshoot and tour the famed Vogue fashion closet. And that's not all! One lucky voter (it could be you!) will win a trip to NYC to visit Vogue, too!

Ready, set, vote! Good luck!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Polyvore Exclusive! Celebrate the Launch of Burberry Body

Exclusive Rosie Image

Exclusive Rosie Image (clipped to

Burberry's new fragrance Burberry Body has made its debut! In celebration of the launch, Burberry has given Polyvore users EXCLUSIVE access to this image of the effortlessly chic Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to inspire your Polyvore sets this week!

What will your Burberry Body set look like? Get started here and leave us a comment with a link to your set. You could win a limited edition bottle sample of Body and we may feature your set here: