Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogger 101: How to post a Polyvore set on your blog

Want to create professional, magazine-style images for your blog? You can use any of Polyvore's 45 million product images to create beautiful, high-resolution sets for your blog posts! Here’s a quick tutorial.

To post a Polyvore set in your blog:

1. Create a set.
2. Publish the set.
3. On the Set page, click Post to Blog.
Specify the width of the set, and Polyvore will automatically detect the edges of the items in the set to determine the height. The maximum set width is 1024 pixels, and the maximum set height is also 1024 pixels.

You can also check the “Use Square Canvas” checkbox under Set Image Size if you want to embed the set as a square.
4. After you choose the image size settings, click your cursor in the HTML code box to update the changes.
5. Copy and paste the HTML code into your blog post.

Embedding a set on your blog also ensures that the set is displayed in high resolution. To see an example of how many of our favorite bloggers use Polyvore in their blog posts, check out Glitter Guide’s Get The Look, the Glossarie’s Beauty Gift Guide, or Sincerely Jules’ Outfit Ideas.

We also feature a selection of great blog examples in our Weekly Love Letters, so if you have a great example of how you used Polyvore in your blog, make sure you email us at bloggers@polyvore.com!


Yogibeeaar said...
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Yogibeeaar said...

If you are having trouble publishing a slide-show or a showcase, you need to change the blog sittings into translate Httml or sth. I just found out! :-)

STC Technologies said...

Thanks to sharing.

Lisa said...

I will try the Polyvore on my blog, this really looks cool! Sample Letter Templates

Em. said...

How do I post in pounds rather than dollars?



Alex Bandit said...

I’m wondering how I might be notified whenever a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed which must do the trick! Have a great day bd rooms

Fashion Hopeful said...

How do I change the blog polyvore is linked to?

Man and Van Kensington said...

Thanks for sharing this. Its amazing

53 Countesses - Handmade jewelry + Joyería hecha a mano said...

Isn't there a copyright issue if I post on my blog images from Polyvore that come from Vogue, Elle, etc, even stating the source? Thanks