Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Member Spotlight: ashley-rebecca

Today's member spotlight is on ashley-rebecca. I'm sure you all have seen her amazing sets. She's a fashionista with a Masters in Management and Marketing and a future blogger. Check out some of her favorite sets:

Denim Fever



Tell us your name, age, profession and what you typically wear every day.
My name is Ashley-Rebecca Frejlich and I'm 25 years old. I recently graduated with my Masters in Management and Marketing and I'm currently taking some online courses while I look for a job. 

I'm all about effortless chic. I will typically wear either my Gypsy05 maxi dress or I'll wear skinny jeans with a loose fitted blouse tucked in the front. I also love wearing fedoras on days when I don't feel like washing my hair and chunky rings that dwarf my tiny fingers.

Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
I grew up in Toronto, Canada and then moved to London, England for University. I graduated with my Masters and moved back home to find a job. I decided that the cold weather wasn't making my skin look so pretty and decided to move into my parents' place in Florida. So... I currently stay in Florida and travel back to Toronto on special occasions.  

Current Miami trends: a killer pair of wedges, juicy orange and coral hues and a cute pair of white framed sunnies. Current Toronto trends: fishtail braids, chunky scarves and knitted beanie hats. 

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do like about that brand?
I've always been a huge fan of the Olsen twins. They have a head for business and a swank sense of style. They are the faces and force behind two of my favourite labels, The Row and Elizabeth and James. I'm a style-obsessed critic, and they give me precisely what I'm after: elegant, understated, modern clothing. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's distinct sense of style continues to hold my fascination and has impacted my wardrobe drastically. They are seriously style superstars in my eyes!

Which celebrity has great style?
With or without Jude Law, as an accessory on her arm, Sienna Miller has a great sense of style. Her bohemian chic is so contagious. I continuously refer to her wardrobe for ideas.  

What are your personal aspirations/goals?
Short term goals: update and develop my skills with Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop and land a job within the communications industry. Oh... and maybe get a blog up and running of style tips and beauty advice - I have way too much fashion information in my head and I would love to share it with the world.  

Long-term goals: develop my status within a company and gain work experience overseas (I've only studied, and would love the opportunity to get a taste of the working life). I will never get that travel bug out of me. 

How has Polyvore affected your life?
In the year that I've been on Polyvore, Polyvore has helped me change my career focus. Growing up, I wanted to be a stock broker. I have a ton of internship experience in that industry, but Polyvore has made me realize that my heart lies with social media. After all... my undergraduate degree is in media studies. So thank you Polyvore for providing an outlet for me to recognize this.  

Describe your personal sense of style.
I get my style gene from my father. He's in the business of fashion and has taught me to make sure you always dress for your audience. I sometimes follow that rule, but I have to say, that I typically dress according to my mood. If that means I'm wearing three different styles and committing a million fashion crimes, so be it. I'm more of an investment-piece shopper. I invest in quality items that I know will last in my closet for a long time. I also love to play up the accessories. So... I'm all about the perfect handbag and a killer pair of shoes. I get a lot of my inspiration from ELLEUK magazine. 

Anything else you would like us to know?
My personality mirrors Lorelai Gilmore from the show Gilmore Girls. I'm all about the smiles and laughter. I'm kinda a homebody and love DIY projects. You sometimes might find my head in a jar of coconut butter or in the fridge eating fresh coconut chips. I love to cook and bake. It's my stress relief, along with rollerblading and dancing like crazy when a really good jam from the radio comes on. I think fedoras and leather jackets make any outfit look mega chic. I have an obsession with magazines. There's just something about glossy paper I love and it's not just because iPads suck to read on (but that hasn't kept me from doing it). These hoarded magazines have inspired my sense of style on Polyvore and I hope it gives my followers some inspiration on how to style their lives. 


carra said...

Great interview about time too your sets are fabulous honey. its lovely to learn a little more about you xxx

Anonymous said...

Great interview :D but cold weather makes your skin young for more years, and sun and warm makes it look old :P

Layna Elyse said...

Great interview!!

Noemi said...

Love your interview; hey we are neighbors :) Anyhow glad that they finally got you on here, looking forward to some day checking out your new blog!
♥Noemi aka classy-n-glamorous
Fashion: Classy N Glamorous
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Anonymous said...

I feel as I know you already, after reading your interview. You are so inspiring and your sense of style precedes you. You seem to have it all ~ fashion sense & smarts. Hopefully the fashion industry would recognize your talents and hire you! Looking forward to your blog...stay focused! Lonia

Anonymous said...

Reading your interview I feel as I know you already. You're inspiring and your sense of style precedes you. You seem to have it all ~ fashion sense & smarts. Hopefully the fashion industry would recognize your talents and hire you! Looking forward to your blog...stay focused!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview. You sound that you have it all together. I love the Olsen twins too. Can't wait for your Blog. You're classy and a lady.

BullyGrrl said...

Hey!!!! AWESOME!!! Congratulations on a fabulous interview! What smart, witty answers, and I love your style sense. Your personality just shines in your sets, the comments you write on other people's sets, and now in this interview. And girl, you look GORGEOUS!

Christian Shirts said...

Nice and wonderful interview..I also like your smartly answars. Thanks to share your interview with us.

Style Stories said...

Great interview and after reading it I get a better understanding of why I love your sets on Polyvore so much.

Jackie said...

Ashley Rebecca, your interview is so inspiring. I wanted to be a fashion designer since 2nd grade and now I'm in 6 th and still working on it, your interview is awesome and I hope one day I can have just as cool of a fashion career as you! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments!

Pat912 said...

I came across your sets and interview through friends. So glad I did. Your style is so incredible. Best wishes for a fabulous future. Sounds like you're off to a great start dear.