Friday, March 23, 2012

Share More on Your Facebook Timeline

Now that Facebook Timeline is available for everyone, we want to remind you that you can use it to share your Polyvore style! Plus, we've added a few more types of activity so you can build a Polyvore summary that fully represents you.

In addition to sharing your Polyvore sets, like, items, and contests wins, the new Timeline update lets you share:
  • Collections you've updated
  • Comments
  • People you follow
  • Groups you've joined
  • Sets you share with your groups

Here's how you can add these new Timeline features:
  1. Make sure that you have Timeline enabled on your Facebook profile
  2. Go to your Sharing page on your Polyvore account
  3. Select the option to share to Facebook Timeline
That's it! Now you're ready to show off your style with a Polyvore box on your Facebook Timeline, which will automatically update with your most recent Polyvore activity.

The Polyvore Team

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6irly6irl said...

Hi, is it possible to share on our FB page instead of on our personal page? Thanks :)