Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Member Spotlight: kimberlee123

Today's member spotlight is on kimberlee123. She's one of the lovely ladies who won a trip to NYC Fashion Week, and sat front row at our very own Polyvore Live show. She enjoys life and makes the best of every moment. Check out some of her favorite sets:

Polyvore Live and COVERGIRL Present Gavaskar
For me, what hurts the most is unrequited love......
Modern Solitude

Tell us your name, age, profession and what you typically wear every day
My name is Kimberlee Graper, I'm 38 (I so so so wanted to lie about that, but it is what it is).  I am a pharmacist and enjoy helping people.  What do I wear everyday?  Sadly, most days my cute outfits are hidden by untailored white jackets. That cute outfit usually consists of some flats, dress pants, a t-shirt or ruffled blouse or button-down shirt. It seems that I always wear a cardigan or a blazer with my outfits.  After work I usually throw on a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt, wash all my makeup off and put my hair up in a bun. I love to relax and be comfortable. If we are going out, I love sexy jeans and heels and choose the rest of the outfit to coordinate with the jeans and heels.

Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
I live in Parker, Colorado. As for big trends, I can only speak as to what I see daily, the most common being the really fabulous new pastel colors mixed with neon bags or jewelry. The true craze here is intricate hair braids and buns that everyone is wearing and which are inspired by the movie Hunger Games.

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do like about that brand?
Like most, I don't have just one favorite designer.  There are too many fabulous designers to just choose one. My top six are: Louis Vuitton (especially the bags), Jimmy Choo (the best shoes), Hermes, Gucci (amazing sunglasses) and Gavaskar.  How could I not love the designer that picked my set so I could to go to New York?  Regardless of that, his dresses and floral patterns are truly beautiful.

Which celebrity has great style?
Jennifer Aniston has such amazing style. She is always classy and sexy at the same time, which is how I love to feel.

What are your personal aspirations/goals?
At this point in my life, my main goal is to raise the two most amazing boys ever and help them to become successful and happy as they grow. I also love to travel and would love to do more of that, but who wouldn't?

How has Polyvore affected your life?
Polyvore has enhanced my life in many ways. Some of them are: providing me with a much needed creative outlet, giving me fantastic wardrobe/outfits ideas almost daily, providing me with many new online friends that have grown dear to me, and of course, an amazing trip to NY Fashion Week.  My favorite way that Polyvore has changed my life is that now, I always get something that I love for Christmas, birthdays etc. When my husband goes shopping he pulls up my sets on his iPhone  and chooses from the items in my sets. He knows that I will love almost any of the items he buys, if they are featured in one of my sets.  I think Polyvore has made his life better too :)

How would you describe your set style?
I don't know that I have a specific style, it pretty much depends on what/how I am feeling the day when I am creating the set.  I guess the easiest way to describe my style is to say that my sets make sense, that there is usually an order to them. I shoot for beautiful with minimal amount of clutter. Along with that order, I love adding quotes that are thought provoking and including an amazing "dream-of-having" outfit. I also add some items or background that make the set romantic in some way.

Describe your personal sense of style.
I like to look put together and feel that details such as jewelry, sunglasses or a bag can make an average outfit fabulous.  I guess I am usually pretty conservative with the way I dress, but I love to play it up with some color, lace, ruffles or sexy heels.  Honestly, I like to feel classy-sexy and choose my outfits based on that criteria.


Anonymous said...

Love the sets! You are Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your sets are great! You have a great eye for adding just enough to make something catch my eye, but not overwhelm me with craziness. I'm not a role model, I'm a jeans model.

Anonymous said...

Your sets are always great! I enjoy looking at them. You have a lot of talent in fashion and design!!

Kellina's Thoughts said...

really great sets!! great eye for details!!

LSAMSAM said...

Great interview, Kimberlee! You are gorgeous, talented and such a sweetheart. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Cute write up! Your sets are amazing! You are so inspiring.

Layna Elyse said...

Aw great interview Kim!! You are great! Loved getting to meet you in New York :)

Honii said...

Great interview! You seem like such a sweetheart and I enjoy your sets. I wish you all the best!!


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