Friday, May 25, 2012

Member Spotlight: piedraandjesus

Today's member spotlight is on piedraandjesus. She is one our winners of the Get Out of the Fold contest. She won 6 pairs of Converse Chucks, a $250 Visa gift card and a $250 Lady Foot Locker gift card! She's a fashionable mom who has been on Polyvore for 5 years. Here are a few of her sets.
Get Dolled Up and Coquette with Lancôme


SUNGLASSES contest by piedraandjesus featuring bride hair accessories

Get Out of the Fold

Tell us your name, age, profession and what you typically wear every day (anything you’d like to share).
Hi, my name is Isabel Rexroad, 32 years old, and I studied Communications at the University of Panama but now I am a stay-at-home mother.

Normally I dress very casually when I am at home and with more chic when I go out. I like lots of colors, as is popular in Latin culture. I like fashionable sandals and nice shoes, though good shoes are always hard to find in a size 5. I like jeans and skirts and a wide range of tops from nice blouses to colorful tank tops. Also, I have always loved flowers and I often have one in my hair.

Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
I am from Panama but I have lived south of Houston, TX for almost 6 years now. With Houston having a warmer climate, you have a lot more shorts, skirts, tank tops and warm weather clothing. You will see everything from western and formal clothing to casual chic and more laid-back styles. There is really a little bit of everything here.

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do like about that brand?
My favorite brand / designer is Carolina Herrera

Her style is fabulous; very unique, beautiful and interesting. Her designs are very dynamic and she always seems to create just the perfect outfits for different seasons. Also, I love that she has a big heart for fashion and helping others.

Which celebrity has great style?
I would have to say Jennifer Lopez

What are your personal aspirations/goals?
I want to design my own clothing line one day and learn more about this wonderful world of fashion. Being from a country where there is a lot of poverty I would love to help people in impoverished situations learn how to look their best and love who they are. I think everyone is has beauty to share.

How has Polyvore affected your life?
I think this website taught me to love fashion even more, and to share it with people of all nations. Being a stay-at-home mom, I love having a way to stay in touch with fashion and be creative.

How would you describe your set style?
I like to be fun and creative, so I put sets together that I would like to wear and see. I don’t have a set formula, just a love for fun fashion.

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It´s the first time in blog (I´m new on Polyvore) and I have a question: would we from other countries (I´m brasilien) be the winner from contests? Or it is just for american people? Thank you so much (user mmegag)