Friday, May 18, 2012

Polyvore Love Letters: Blog Roundup

How do you use Polyvore in your blog to express your style? Every Friday we check in with bloggers to see how they inspire their readers. Here's what we found this week.

Tariro of Peppermint and Ivy always has something stylish up her sleeve. Here is her take on some fresh color and pattern combinations.
Pretty Colors

Black and white is always chic. Fox and Mint shows you how.

Shade Invade

Maria of Lost In a Spotless Mind, who is a long time Polyvore member from Norway, wrote a beautiful post about four gorgeous styles inspired by a pair of satin capri pants. She created the look below, taking cue from Marilyn Monroe's style. Go to her post to check out what she has to say about each look.

Capri pants 1

Console to Closet is an amazing blog where you can find outfits inspired directly from games. Here's an outfit inspired by Princess Daisy of the Mario games.

Princess Daisy (Mario Series)

We love the sunset colors in All You Need Is Style's new set. Check out those great sunglasses!

Deep Sunset

This week we also found a helpful guide from a blogger -- if you're new to Polyvore, check out Fashionably Organized's guide to create a Polyvore board

If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in Love Letters, let us know!


PauliD said...

I try to email polyvore, but you must be very busy.

I have studied art for over 20 years. First, let me say that it is GREAT that you have the 'top art sets.'

Now, let me offer some constructive criticism:
Polyvore does not show ALL mediums of art. There are no 'still lifes.', no 'landscapes', no figuratives. No garden, sea, wildlife.
So, the art section is lacking and does not highlight several different EXCELLENT artists on polyvore at all.

I would encourage you to go to this website:

Click on
"Virtual Gallery"

Then click on

There you will see ALL of the mediums of ART.

I believe that this will enrich polyvore by having ALL mediums of art.

Thank you for your ear.

Blanche du Valais said...

Thank you very much, PauliD, for the link to this interestig website. Anf for the inpsiration :)

Regards from Switzerland,

smartass21 said...
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