Thursday, June 7, 2012

Member Spotlight: noelleinashell

Today's member spotlight is on noelleinashell, a Polyvore member for 2 years. Her sets always have a color theme and a cool layout. Each of her sets is original and unique, but with a signature geometric, mosaic style layered with slices of colors, vignettes and quotes. Check out a few of her favorite sets.

Style Mission no. 3 - PASTEL

Paris is always a good idea


Tell us your name, age, profession and what you typically wear every day (anything you’d like to share). 
My name is Noelle Aspenryd, and I'm a cheerful Swede in my 23rd year. I've actually just finished my Interior Design & Decoration course in London, so now I am a certified Interior Designer! I would say that I eat, breathe and live for creativity, for all forms of design in general, and maybe for fashion, decoration and graphic design in particular. Simply put, I'm an endless optimist and creative soul in my pursuit of artistic fulfillment!

I would describe my everyday wear as well-put-together. I'm always trying to add that extra little touch, while keeping it simple and sophisticated. You would typically see me in a pair of jeans (thumbs up for different coloured ones!) and a nice top paired with a blazer or cardigan. Accessories I love include scarves, minimalist silver jewellery, big bags and sunglasses. Heels would definitely be more welcome in my everyday wear, since I don't exactly get enough opportunities to wear them these days. Who knows, that might change any day soon! 

Where do you live, and what trends are big there? 
I'm from Sweden, which is where I also live at the moment, but in a couple of months I'm actually moving to the French Riviera with my dearest and best friend Jenny (cannot wait!). Right now, I would say that some of the most hyped trends in Sweden are maxi and asymmetrical skirts and dresses, tribal patterns, pastel and neon colours, and lots and lots of white. Personally I love that I can find pastel-coloured items all over the place at the moment, and I also have a weakness for different white and nude shades - so I'm as happy as I could be at the moment!

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do like about that brand?
Oh, gosh. I'm really bad at questions like this, when it's time to list favourites of things.. But I'll give it a try! Well, when it comes to designers I think I've reached the conclusion that some of my very favourite designers include Alexander McQueen for edgy designs and eye-cathing details, Malene Birger for her oh-so-elegant and sophisticated garments, Michael Kors especially for his jewellery and stunning watches, Christian Louboutin for making the world's most amazing shoes, Marc Jacobs especially for his colours and must-have bags, Elie Saab for being the most talented gown designer I've ever seen, Helmut Lang for his touch of minimalism, asymmetrical designs, straight lines and clean cuts, and last but not least Alexander Wang for his sporty influences yet having sophisticated and clean cuts.

Which celebrity has great style? What do you like about his/her style? 
I really like Ashley Olsen's style since her look often reflects my taste in fashion and trends. I think she is really good at keeping it simple yet modern and she always manages to look so effortless yet elegant and clean.

What are your personal aspirations/goals?
Oh, I have always suffered from very high aspirations and goals, haha! Just as I have always known that I would work with some sort of design and within a very creative atmosphere, I have always been determined to strive for a great and inspiring career. For short, I simply love to create beautiful things and I know I have a good eye for colours and details. I could see myself working anywhere from somewhere within the fashion world to working with graphic design, decoration or display design. As long as I keep to what makes me happy - being creative and create inspirational, beautiful things - I think I will find my way!

How has Polyvore affected your life?
Haha, how it has affected my life? It has BECOME my life! It was love at first sight and it developed step by step, slowly but surely, into that ultimate kind of relationship - you know, when you can't wait to get home to continue where you left off, when giving is just as satisfying as receiving and where every new day together is an adventure! And then we lived happily ever after, until the end of time. Yep, I think that would pretty much describe my adoration towards and love for Polyvore.

How would you describe your set style? 
I think my set style could be described as being a bit different than the typical Polyvore layouts. I would say that it's a bit graphic and new-thinking, very well colour-coordinated and always with that eye-catching twist to it. I put all my creativity into it when making a new set, never publishing it before I'm 110% happy with it. And my layouts never look exactly the same; I don't even know what the set will look like myself until I've finished it! That's (sometimes unfortunately) just the way my mind works - I can't do anything really just half-heartedly, I always put my heart and soul and all my effort into the strive for a perfect and appealing whole. Disturbingly enough (?) that's pretty much the way with everything I take on, and that's also the case even when it comes to making a set on Polyvore :)

How often do you sign on and what is the first thing you do when you sign on?
I never sign out, haha! Seriously though, I just stay logged on, so I rarely need to sign in when I go on to But anyways! I usually go straight onto the first page, checking out Top Sets, Member Spotlight and brands and contests etc. that are in the focus at the moment. And then I usually go and check all my friends's sets and set likes before I go on to going through today's happenings in my activity stream.

What is your favorite Polyvore feature?
Hmm..that's a tricky one! There are so many great features and details which together make Polyvore the amazing website it is, so it's a tough choice just naming one (I shall also remind you, as mentioned above, that listing favourites is not one of my strong features). But I really, really love all the inspiration that is just bubbling all over the website! That you are able to see so many wonderful creations by people with such great talents as well as provide others with inspiration through the sets you make yourself. I honestly can't remember how the feck I got enough utterance for all my excessive creativity before Polyvore..?! So, I guess my conclusion might be that the Editor, the set-making feature, is, from a selfish view, the best feature (but among a whole bunch of amazing ones!) on Polyvore.

Describe your personal sense of style. 
Well, I think I summarized it quite well in the first question about my everyday wear, actually; It's well put together, simple, sophisticated and always with that extra little something to it! Less is more is simply a pretty good saying! :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Noelle....Your layouts are an inspiration to us all.
Thank you.
Judy jfly51

hijabikebabi said...

NOELLE!!!! Congrats on getting featured, that's so amazing!! It's so nice to know more about you :D I loved reading this and your sets are gorgeous.
Much love!!

Amanda Marzolini TheFashionAmy said...

lovely post and interesiting interview;))
i lke set too, i have so much fun using polyvore,
even in my blog;)
i love you polyvore;)

KayCee said...

Good choice for member spotlight. So cool to see the name of someone I am already following recognized by Polyvore. Congrats!

CristinaB. said...

Congrats to Noelle, loving all her sets and her great styling!

just-lala said...

Congrats dear!!!!!!! it's awesome to know a little more about you :)

Anonymous said...

just really want to thank all of you lovely people out there for even caring to read my interview and also for those really amazing comments of yours. And a huge thanks to my dearest Polyvore - I cannot quite express with words how grateful I am for the very existence of the website and for this interview as well. Much, much love and appreciation!


EarthGirl said...

Congratulations! I am sure those lucky clients will adore working with you. Wishing you all the best in your new career.
Best Wishes,

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Connie Campbell said...

I like the interior design. I never thought a black and white theme that's accentuated with yellow decors and stuff can be so gorgeous. Definitely classy.

Minnie Lockhart said...

I like it too, but with that tall bookshelf, you might need a customized ladder. But of course, it has to go with the room's theme too.