Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks for the Editor

Keyboard Shortcuts and Tricks for the Editor!

Love creating Polyvore sets? If so, you may have already uncovered some cool keyboard shortcuts and tricks to use in the editor. But in case you haven't, we wanted to share some quick shortcuts to use when you're creating your masterpieces:

Arrow keys Nudge items up/down by a tiny amount
Shift + arrow keys Nudge items up/down by a larger amount
Tab Cycle through items (based on depth)
Shift + Tab - Reverse cycle through items (based on depth)
Ctrl + Click - Add item to selection
Click on blank area and drag - Multi-selection
Mouse wheel on the right-hand side tab panels - Pagination
Shift + Rotate Rotate items in 45 degrees increments
Ctrl-Z/ Ctrl-Y Undo/Redo
Ctrl-S Save
Ctrl-N New
Ctrl-A Select all 
C Center the canvas

*If you are using a Mac, replace Ctrl with Command

Happy styling!

The Polyvore Team


Nikell (Modesty Fashions on Polyvore) said...

Great!! This helps when my wrist gets tired from "extended set making" .Thanks for the changes you guys are great (^_^)

Jilbert said...

You can also hit the delete key to delete something. Thanks for the tips ... I actually learned something valuable (tabbing through items).

addicted-2-make-up said...

Thanks for the useful post !

addicted-2-make-up said...


pirate-vampire superjoyce. said...

Thanks Polyvore! I knew some tricks already, but it's good to have it in one quick post. (:

Anonymous said...

OMG - so excited about the 45-degree rotation! New trick!!!!! Love you Polyvore!!!

rivly said...

hey polyvore, for some reason Im seeing sets of members that I don't follow on my dashboard, or members that I have blocked, why is that?

Robsfriend73 said...

This sounds great!! I will have a go asap!!

But I have to say I don't understand the new updates on the Activity page - I think it's really strange I can start following or liking someone/something WITHOUT checking them out??!

Thank you!!
I ♥ Polyvore

Computer Repair Portland said...

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Karina Rigby said...

What happened to the follow/like buttons at your home page????

Luna said...

Karina I camme in to ask the same thing. Where are the follow and like buttons on the activity page?

soylunaymeexpreso said...

I really liked the follow and like buttons on the activity page.

Bonnet said...

Thanx for the helpfull hints. It would be great if we could sort our saved poducts and items like the official ones , like colours and price...

sophisty said...

Lovely way to present these shortcuts, you guys. Very creative.
I've been using cmd-Z a LOT ever since I learned about it... also cmd-A to select all. The other one that's fun is SHIFT-arrow... that one was new to me, and saves time (better than click-click-clicking on the arrow key!).
Now here's where I get annoying and ask for something ;) Please don't swat me! I'm just wondering if it would be useful for users to be able to GROUP items, like you can in Photoshop. Let's say you've done a complicated background, and you're sure of it, and you don't want it to go anywhere as you drop the clothes in. If you could group it, then as you moved in other items, you could move them around and not accidentally affect a background element. Maybe something to discuss in a UI meeting? Hugs, y'all!

Lessies said...

Hadn't used any short cuts yet. I'll return to this page to remember. :)thanx

I love Polyvore said...

The shortcuts are a clever idea, but I've come with my own problem. I'm sorry if, in the following, I sound like I complain a lot but I really want this issue fixed.
Whenever I crop items now on the editor, if I try to do the not-squareish crop, it doesn't show me the outline of where I am cropping, and when I've finished cropping it, I can't see the finished result of my crop until I click OK. Which is very frustrating when I am cropping very complicated pictures with lots of tricky details. Also, when I do the square crop, the picture totally disappears, so I have to guess where I need to crop it too, meaning that I have to click OK nearly five times to get it right. It is very frustrating. I used to love this website but now you have made it so difficult, I don't really want to go on it anymore. I also don't like the new layout when you are viewing the sets. When you click on a set, it was nice to have the other sets the person has made on the side of the page, but now they are on the top. This makes it very hard to see the actual set, as I have a small screen and the new bar takes up a lot of space. It also looks messy.
Please fix these issues soon. Maybe have a survey on the new layout or something? And please fix the cropper so that I can get back to my usual daily set-making.
To finish up on a lighter note, I really like how you can now follow people back on the activity page. It was a very good idea!
Thankyou for being such a great website, and I hope the editor will be fixed soon.

iPad users said...

I have a request(:

Please make a polyvore app quick! PLEASE.