Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Member Spotlight: jill-is-m

Today's member spotlight is on jill-is-m, a member of 4 years. She makes doll sets that include some of the top designers on our site. Check out some of her favorite sets.

Blessed Vine


Tell us your name, age, profession and what you typically wear every day (anything you’d like to share).
I'm Jill and I'm a master's student in fashion design at AAU, San Francisco.  I'd like to freelance, once I graduate, for couture fashion houses.  I see fashion as art.

Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
I'm from the San Francisco area, born and raised for the most part.  Its can be difficult to describe your street style when you're just living it day to day. S.F. style is up-to-the-minute fashion, but not trendy.  We like colors and prints, but with all that fog, we're definitely not over the top.  We like to surprise you, but looking like we're cool, as if we didn't try too hard.  We're versatile, running from day to night.  We dress in layers.  You don't always know if the fog is rolling in or out.  Even if we'd love to wear a lot more full mini skirts, it's always windy in the city.  We're classic, yet quirky and can rub elbows with Paris and New York.  We don't flash gold.  We're not shiny.  However, we do all say, "Have a good day!"

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do like about that brand?
I've maintained for years that the design house, ChloĆ©, seems to get me.  Maybe its that boho vibe and its dreamy, quirky separates.  There are so many impressive fashion houses right now and it feels confining to say that I have one favorite.

Which celebrity has great style? What do you like about their style?
I don't follow celebrity style much.  I follow the houses that influence their styles more.

How has Polyvore affected your life?
I think Polyvore is such an incredible place.  Everybody is so encouraging and has been so inspirational too.  My set styles, much to my own surprise, have changed quite a bit from year to year. Although I use Polyvore mainly for fun, it has definitely helped me to become a better designer and to know my own inner style better.  If you look at some of my favorite sets, maybe you'll get a sense of this.  I want to applaud Polyvore for the various sponsor-driven contests and I hope that you will continue.  I think this is such an amazing opportunity for all creative types of people to grow and aspire.

Got any requests for the Polyvore team?
I'd personally like to see "doll" sets to receive more recognition.  These can be very difficult to make and they usually include fashion items. Have Polyvore-editorial and Polyvorebloggernetwork featured much more.  There's a lot of fun stuff going on there, but I usually forget to look for it. To be able to organize my "closet" according to color.


Lilli said...

I'm very happy u introduce Jill, she is so good and one of my dear friends! keep on dear! big hugs!!:*

kaycee99 said...

All of us doll makers on Polyvore know Jill Is M!!!!! So wonderful to see a doll maker featured. I was excited to see her name and I didn't know she was a fashion student. Congrats Jill!

Robsfriend73 said...

So great to learn more about you and congratulations on being featured!!!
Doll makers don't get that much attention (yet), so good for you and fabulous sets!!! Hugz

Jill said...

Thank you so much Polyvore for your feature. It is a real honor! My friends here Robsfriend, Kaycee and Lilli are so thoughtful and kind. Thank you all for creating such a wonderful place :)

dewgirl007 said...

Jill, we couldn't be prouder to see you featured, way to go! Your work on Poly is amazing and this is very deserved feature. So happy to see a true Doll artist getting recognized; you make us proud!

Anonymous said...

It's so amazing to see a Doll maker featured! Congrats jill-is-m!

leapofdesire said...

jill-is-m is an amazing artist and each set she creates is a true gem to be admired over and over. She should be in the Polyvore hall of fame. You rock jill-is-m!!!

Alexandra said...

I'm thrilled to see Jill-is-m featured on the blog, she is so talented, a great artist and a lovely group moderator! Congratulations!!!

Jill said...

Thank you so much Dewgirl, Leapofdesire, Alexandra and everybody! Such generous comments! :)